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Enhance Your Everyday Dining Experience With The Right Dining Set

Enhance Your Everyday Dining Experience With The Right Dining Set

It may be a small part of your everyday life, but having the right kind of dinnerware can make a lot of difference to your home. A good crockery set and stylish dinnerware can enhance your home dining experience. It can add personality to your lifestyle. Moreover, it is an element through which you can express your personal style.

In this blog, we’ll take you through all the important factors of choosing the right kind of dinnerware for your home.

Different types of dinnerware

Dinnerware of different materials

Glass: Glass is a common material used to make dinnerware. Glasses, plates, bowls, and spoons, you can find all kinds of dinnerware made of glass. The best part about glass crockery is that glass can be of various colors.

Ceramic: There are different types of ceramic ware – stoneware, terracotta, ceramic, bone China, etc. Each one has its own characteristics such as weight, thickness, texture, etc.

Melamine: One of the most common types of dinnerware that people use is made of melamine. Melamine does not break as easily as glass or ceramic and hence it is most preferred for everyday use. From crockery set to dining plate to bowl, there’s a whole range of melamine ware available.

Stainless steel: Steel is one of the most preferred materials, especially in Indian houses. It is the most durable and long-lasting material. You can also find complete dinner sets made of steel.

Dinnerware for different purposes

For everyday use: If you’re looking for everyday use dinnerware, you can look for crockery online. Melamine and stainless steel work best for regular use as they are more durable. Not just that, these materials are also easy to clean.

For occasional use: When you have special dinners and parties at home, you’d want to get your most impressive crockery set. You can use glass, porcelain, bone China, or stoneware for special occasions.

How to select dinnerware

Dining sets

There are two ways you can go about putting together your crockery collection. One way is to buy a complete dining set. You can find dining sets starting from 10-piece to 50 pieces or more.

Mix and match

Another way to go about your dinnerware is to buy separate pieces and put them together as a set. In this manner, you can choose different designs and colors and create a set of different designs that you like.

What experts recommend

Most experts recommend having at least 8-piece or 12-piece dinner sets. Dinner sets include multiple place settings for the entire dining table. This makes it easy to always be prepared when guests come over.

Plain dinnerware + accessories

If you’re the type of person who likes to get involved in doing up the dinner table, here’s a fantastic idea. Get plain dinner plates and bowls, and dress these up with accessories such as place mats, table runners, matching table napkins, etc. You could get a plain white dining set and pair it up with table linen and accessories of your choice.

Factors to keep in mind when buying dinnerware

The size of your table

Now, you may want to buy a 50-piece dinner set, but does your table have that much space? Do you have a large dinner table? If not, where will you place all of it? Maybe a second dining table would be a good option. You should keep in mind not to choose large plates and bowls.

The space available

How much space do you have on your table for your crockery set? If you place too many things on your table such as flowers, candles and other accessories, you might not have enough space for crockery.

The number of people

Another important factor to consider is the number of people in your house. Also, if you like hosting, how many people are you expecting? Buy your dinnerware accordingly. The best thing to do is to have some extra. When you buy crockery online, you can narrow down your search based on the number of pieces you want in a set.

The people

What kind of people are you expecting to serve? If there are a lot of kids, you should buy a mix of steel and melamine along with glass and ceramic. It is safest to not serve children in any material that is easily breakable. For the adults, you should get the more formal and fancy crockery set.

Best practices to care for your dining set

  • Wash your crockery as soon as its use is over. That way you can keep away yellow stains.
  • Once washed, always wipe your crockery with a dry cloth. This will keep water marks from settling on the crockery.
  • Store your crockery set in such a way that it does not catch dust on it. This will mean you have to spend less time maintaining it.
  • Don’t stack up plates and bowls. It might leave scratches on the surface. Always use a piece of paper in between if you want to stack it up.
  • It’s best to avoid keeping delicate crockery made of glass or other breakable materials on a high shelf. Instead give it a safe lower shelf.

Over to you

If you’re still reading, you’re surely close to an expert in crockery and dining essentials. From the different types of dining sets to the many materials to how to care for them, we’ve given you a low down on everything. To start your crockery collection, head over to At-Home online store. Explore a wide range of crockery of different styles, materials, and price range, to suit your requirements.

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