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Frame It Right: Encasing Images With a Stylish Photo Frame Online

Frame It Right: Encasing Images With a Stylish Photo Frame Online

We will understand why photo frames are necessary to freeze moments in time and inject life into empty walls. Later, we will go about exploring photo frame types and size diversity, like multi photo frame and collage photo frame. Once you become well-versed in the types, you will learn the thumb rules of positioning. You will also get additional tips on choosing the perfect photo frame online that transforms mundane walls into a visual story.


Blank walls feel like a missed opportunity to decorate or exude your personality. Only decorative wall pieces like a family photo frame can create captivating focal points and make your wall artsy. A photo frame online comes in various finishes, display styles, and sizes. A subpar multi photo frame can take away the sophisticated touch, making your favourite photograph unattractive and short-lived. The entire process of blending creativity with an appealing and premium-quality photo frame design can be overwhelming. In this blog, we will help you grab the perfect collage photo frame by breaking down the different types, sizes, and trendy designs while revealing the art of choosing and displaying them. Consider your walls upgraded with ravishing photo frames. Get your personalised photo frames online today.

How Do Photo Frames Glam Up Your Living Space?

Memories are best treasured when framed with love and care. A gallery of moments when framed can tell your story while amping up the aesthetics. Decorating your bare walls with photo frames is a delightful way to add warmth and character to your living space. But why only photo frames? Because they safeguard your precious memories from dust/damage and complement your interior decor. Their strategic placement creates visual interest and adds a personal touch.

Photo Frame Types and Size Diversity: A Sneak Peak

Gallery Frame

Want an elevated frame-in-frame effect like that in a museum? A gallery-type multi photo frame is perfect for your most prized prints that bring true-to-life feelings and create visual interest. Gallery frames are available in varying sizes and help draw attention to the art. For gallery photo frame display, string together four or more frames to create impact or mix-match frame finishes. You can also opt for a multi photo frame or collage photo frame.

Floating Frame

Mostly made of clear glass, floating frames give the floating effect, featuring a contemporary look on the wall. While buying personalised photo frames online, hang statement pieces with floating frames and turn a blank wall artsy. Opt for floating frames to create an open and airy feel in the room.

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Deep-set Frames

Deep-set frames give a unique profile with a subtle shadow while pulling all eyes inward toward the image. A travel or landscape family photo frame or collage photo frame in a deep-set format can offer a momentary escape into the past. If you want to swap your photos often, opt for deep-set personalised photo frames online, keep them on a mantle or shelf, and enjoy the layered look. 

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Collage Frames

Combine all those favourite photographs in one image and make them tell a story or express your creativity with collage frames. A collage photo frame or multi photo frame comes in pre-cut pieces, but some let your imagination run wild, ideal for showcasing a collection of related photos like a vacation series. Photo frames offer a personalised collage, ideal for displaying your proposal moments or milestones. Get your personalised photo frames online today.

Modern Frames

A modern family photo frame or multi photo frame emphasises minimalism and adds sophistication to urban-industrial spaces. Shop for photo frame online and display two large modern frames for a wow effect. A metal finish can give that luxe look while staying minimalistic.

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Tabletop Frames

These are ideal for tables, mantles, and shelving where you can display one major family photo in tight spaces and enjoy the mini-display. You can stagger tabletop frames of different sizes/orientations when you have excess table space. A mesh rectangular tabletop frame is a perfect addition, especially for a console/bedside bedroom table.

Canvas Prints

If you want to pull the image out from the wall, go for canvas prints for a unique visual effect. If you have a yearly collage family photo frame or a portrait to pass down the generations, make canvas prints out of them and make them a wall's centrepiece. Get your personalised photo frames online today.

A Go-to Photo Frame Online Size Guide

Choosing the perfect photo frame size is quintessential, and some popular frame sizes are as follows:

  • Small Frame Sizes- 4x4, 4x6, 4x10, 5x5
  • Medium Frame Sizes- 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20
  • Large Frame Sizes- 20x24, 24x36, 28x36, 30x40   

Small picture frames are ideal for limited-space walls or displayed on mantles. If you have a large focal piece, surround them with small personalised photo frames online. A medium family photo frame works best on the bedside table, desk, or living room wall. If you have attention-grabbing artwork or have statement picture frames, go for large frames like 24 Pics Collage Magna Photo Frame (Black) or collage photo frame, like 11 Collage Photo Frame (Brown), which act as a centrepiece for your room.

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How to Position Photo Frames?

Positioning the photos wrong can make it an eyesore, and your interiors feel lost. Here are thumb rules to achieve the right positioning for multiple photo frame online:

  • The art rule is to hang a collage photo frame or multi photo frame at eye level for an average person without obstruction.
  • Always consider the picture and wall size so the photo isn't lost, overwhelming, or disproportionate. Find a frame type that complements the wall measurements. Hang your picture off-centre for more openness or slightly lower to elongate your walls.
  • You can try off-centre hanging for a bold style instead of going with the mundane middle-of-the-wall fixing. 
  • Try grouping photos to create a striking visual effect, but aim for even spacing between each frame. Also, incorporate a common thread like the same style/colour while positioning your photo frames to tie the pieces together.
  • Choose all frames with similar materials for visual symmetry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure while positioning picture frames and use blinds to block the bright light.

Order personalised photo frames online and decorate your interior the way you want.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Frame Online for Your Home

You can get easily indecisive, given the exquisite photo frame options online. Here is a ready reckoner to aid you in the purchase decision: 

  • Don't overemphasise matching image colour with the frames. Instead, match the multi photo frame or collage photo frame with existing decor.
  • Ensure frame and wall colours are different to make the artwork do the talking.
  • Zero in on places of display before deciding the type of photo frames and size.
  • Evaluate the available wall space and think of orientation (portrait/landscape) before choosing the photo frame.
  • Accentuate your personal style while framing your treasured photo and provide an instant facelift to your room with your personality and uniqueness.

Without wasting too much time, order your personalised photo frames online.

Wrap Up

A photo frame is like a picture addition to blank wall pages that reflect your character and style. Understanding the photo frame types, dimensions, and positioning can create a first impression. If you want to achieve cohesiveness in displaying a family photo frame, follow the tips in this blog. Whether you hang a statement-making piece in the hallway or display a gallery wall of paintings, buy a photo frame online from At-Home from a spectrum of sizes at an affordable price and make your frame do the talking. Don't wait too much. Get your personalised photo frames online.

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