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How To Choose The Best Sofa For Your Living Room

How To Choose The Best Sofa For Your Living Room

In most homes, the living room is the most important room. This is where family members come together to watch television, to relax, read, stretch and talk. And one of the most important spots in the living room is the spot occupied by the sofa.

Being the most important and one of the biggest pieces of furniture, choosing a sofa set for the living room is more difficult than you’d imagine. Consider these tips to help you choose the best sofa for your living room.

Tips to buy a living room sofa set online

Look for a high-quality frame

When you’re selecting a sofa, one of the first factors that you should be looking at is the frame of the sofa. A sofa with a good quality frame will ensure sturdiness and longevity. Most people buy a sofa for the long term and hence it is important to buy one that is well built and well designed. The quality of the frame will depend on the material used. For example, a sofa frame made of MDF will be less strong than one made of metal or teak wood. So, when you buy a sofa online, do check the guarantee and repair options before you buy. Good furniture brands might also have guarantee periods of a decade or more.

Pay special attention to the seat cushions

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, don’t judge the comfort level of a sofa by the way it looks from the outside. What’s inside the sofa is equally important. And so, when you are looking for a sofa, do proper research about the filling of the seat cushions. Is it feather, foam, fiber or other material? The material will determine the comfort, softness, as well as longevity of the sofa. Another important thing is to understand what kind of maintenance it will require. Is it going to be easy to clean and dry? How often will you need to deep clean it? Think of all these factors before you buy a sofa online.

Select the right kind of upholstery

Another important factor of a sofa is the upholstery. The upholstery that you select will affect the way your sofa looks and feels, as well as how long it stays fresh and new. You have many options - cotton, linen, velvet, leather, leatherette, polyester, etc. When selecting the upholstery, you’ll have to consider factors such as:

  • Kids and pets in the house and the chances of it getting soiled.
  • Dust, moisture, direct sunlight, weather conditions, etc.
  • How easy or difficult would it be to clean the upholstery?
  • The decor style of your home and other linen in the living room.

Ensure the sofa size suits your living room

The size of the sofa is a critical factor – too big and you might end up with a cramped drawing room, too small and you won’t be able to accommodate enough people. If you have a small living room, you could go for a sofa cum bed. If your living room is large, a sectional sofa could be a good choice. But when you’re buying a sofa online, it might get difficult to assess the size and how it would fit in your living room. Hence, create a sketch of the layout of the room and then take your decisions of the shape and size of the sofa.

Make sure the design of the sofa matches your decor style

Run an online search for a sofa set for the living room and you’ll find many different styles. From contemporary, classic, antique, mid-century transitional, minimal, box style, recliner, etc. There are many choices. You’ll have to select one keeping in mind many different factors:

  • The decor style of your drawing room.
  • Your budget.
  • If you’re planning on changing the decor style in the future.

Choose complementing or matching colors

When choosing the color when you’re buying a sofa online, you’ll have to be sure of what you want. As you’d be ordering the sofa online, you won’t have the opportunity to see it physically. Another important factor related to color is the color itself. While most people go for safe options such as browns and greys, if you want unique colors such as royal blue, fuschia pink, green or violet, you’d have to be sure about the color choice before you place your order.

The armrest and backrest matter a lot

When you choose a sofa, make sure you pay extra attention to its armrest and backrest. Even though these factors might seem miniscule, they can impact the comfort levels. For example, if the armrest is too thin and completely wood without upholstery, you might end up with pain in your arm. Similarly, if the backrest is too low, it might make it uncomfortable to sit on the sofa for a long time. Hence, whenever you’re buying a sofa set online, get all your questions answered by customer support and then make your purchase decision.

Over to you - have you decided the sofa you’d like to buy?

Now you know, choosing a sofa is no easy feat. From the price to the material to the size to the design of the sofa -- there are several aspects you’ll need to consider. And if you’re wondering where to buy a sofa online, head over to At-Home online store. You’ll receive the best customer support help to make your sofa-buying experience really enjoyable.

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