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How Wardrobe Design With Dressing Table Will Amp Up Your Bedroom

How Wardrobe Design With Dressing Table Will Amp Up Your Bedroom

Are you having a tough time arranging your clothes, accessories, and belongings in the cramped space of your old  bedroom wardrobe?  Bring home the latest  wardrobe design with dressing table  with spacious design and modern features to flaunt a clutter-free look. This type of modern storage solution is an apt way to add an aesthetically effective and functional element with a class of elegance to elevate your bedroom. With the unique  wardrobe design,  you can maximise your storage space to neatly organise your dresses and accessories. With an array of styles and  wooden wardrobe designs  available, you can buy a  wardrobe online  that perfectly portrays your personal preferences and taste. Why should you put up with a disorganised and cluttered sleep environment when you can buy  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom  that is tastefully designed with functional space? 


Owning a  wardrobe design with dressing table  can be a game-changer to beautify and organise your bedroom space. Apart from offering ample space to store your essentials like clothing, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, and more, these  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom  can also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Whether you need a built-in wardrobe, a freestanding wardrobe, or a sliding door wardrobe, incorporating a dressing table with its design will be beneficial. With a  wardrobe with dressing table,  you will have a convenient space to get ready for any occasion or work every day without cramping up floor space. Let’s delve to find out how a  bedroom wardrobe  designed with a dresser can be beneficial in the long run. 

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How Is a Wardrobe with a Dressing Table Different from a Normal Wardrobe?

A  bedroom wardrobe  fitted with a dressing table is a recent addition to the bedroom furniture collection and a favourite choice of several homeowners. It encompasses two useful furniture pieces into one for saving your money and floor space while not compromising on their usability. It includes a spacious wardrobe with storage shelves, cabinets and drawer compartments for optimising storage. 

The  wardrobe with dressing table  also houses a beautiful dressing table integrated with the wardrobe to give you a dedicated space with a mirror, shelves and drawers for getting ready and keeping your cosmetics organised. When compared to other wardrobes, this  wardrobe design with dressing table  has a non-bulky dimension and can keep your sleeping area clean and organised.  With such unique  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom  you need not compromise on floor space and complement your existing interior decor while reflecting your taste and style. 

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Top Benefits of Choosing a Wardrobe with Dressing Table

1. Keep Your Bedroom Organised

When you select a  wardrobe design with dressing table,  you can go for the one with handle-free doors to achieve a clean look. If you wish to keep your clothes, jewellery, shoes or handbag collection out of sight, then opt for  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom  to maintain an organised look. This  bedroom wardrobe  has a built-in dressing table and a wardrobe featuring hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and storage cabin space to sort and store your belongings in an organised manner. 

2. Utilise Unused Corner Spaces

A major benefit of choosing a  wardrobe design with dressing table  is that it is a perfect way to make use of the unused corners in your bedroom. Rather than having a separate dresser jutting out from your bedroom wall, integrating it seamlessly into your  bedroom wardrobe  will help use your corner space. With these  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom,  you will have a lot of floor space, which can be used for placing a  king-size bed  and an  accent chair.  Unlike a free-standing wardrobe, the modern  wardrobe with dressing table  can fit into the corners perfectly while keeping everything organised.  Whether it is an L-shaped corner or free space before a window, this  wardrobe online  can be a perfect fit. 

3. Innovative Storage Space

The modern  wardrobe design with dressing table  is offered with several practical features like pull-out drawers, small shelves, spacious compartments, and deep shelves. Whether it is your makeup essentials, cosmetics, winter wear, fitness gear or work clothes, you can get effective storage solutions with this latest  wardrobe design . It has a distinct space-saving dimension but a spacious design to optimise storage space to keep all your belongings organised neatly. 

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Best Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Listed below are some of the practical  modern wardrobe designs for bedroom  that can do wonders for your abode with its revolutionary design.

Open Style Wardrobe Featuring Minimalist Dressing Table

If you love to have an organised room, then this open-style  wardrobe design with dressing table  can be an apt choice. The  Serra Dresser with Mirror  is one such piece of furniture in an elegant walnut finish fitted with a full mirror to serve your storage and beauty needs when paired with a chair. If you are keen on posting your pictures after getting dressed up, then a background with this stylish  wardrobe with dressing table  is a perfect choice. 

Wooden Wardrobe Fitted with A Dresser

The rustic look of solid  wooden wardrobe designs  never fails to amaze the onlooker with its classy style. You can find the  Olson Rotating Dresser with Mirror  with melamine finish featuring precision mirror of full-length and deep shelves with spacious design for storage. It has a distinct revolving design to reveal the mirror or the wardrobe shelves to meet your demands. It flaunts space-saving dimensions and design to use up minimal floor space while serving as a wardrobe and dresser simultaneously. The  Indio 3 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe with Mirror  in elegant teak and white finish is a perfect choice for your spacious bedroom. Featuring two pull-out drawers and eight shelves, this  wardrobe design with dressing table  can meet your storage requirements and help you get ready in a jiffy. 

Designer Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

It’s tough to take your eyes off the simple and minimalist design of this  wardrobe with dressing table.  Specifically designed to amp up the aesthetics of your master bedroom, this  wooden wardrobe designs  with a striking look features two panelled mirrors to help you get ready every morning and have a good look at your attire before stepping out. The dark wooden shade of the  Emirates 4 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe with Mirror  reflects your unique taste and elevates the room décor with its contrasting look. 

Modern Wardrobe With Dressing Table

This stylish  bedroom wardrobe  featuring a wooden body and long mirror in a rectangular shape complements the teak and white melamine finish aptly. The  Eternal 3-Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe with Mirror  is equipped with enough storage space by nestling tripe pull-out drawers, two hanging shelves, and five shelves to store clothes, essentials, valuables, jewellery, and accessories neatly. 

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Parting Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with having a desire to have a dressing table with a mirror as well as a wardrobe to have a fully functional bedroom. However, if you face space constraints in your compact bedroom, choosing a  wardrobe design with dressing table  is a wise decision. You can buy a  wardrobe online  by shopping at the website of  AtHome  to choose from a variety of styles and designs in varied price ranges. 

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