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Keep Your Home Clutter-free this Ganpati Festival with Bed Storage Units

Keep Your Home Clutter-free this Ganpati Festival with Bed Storage Units

 You may have to prepare for this grand celebration by cleaning and reorganizing your rooms. Everyone ensures their home looks clean and fresh before the festival and rituals. However, the one thing that keeps most people vexed is the lack of space to store enough items and decorations. Modern space-saving solutions have given advent to specially designed furniture with storage space. Thus, you can install a  bed with storage  to avoid keeping your upholstery, home cleaning devices, furnishing items, etc. And if you were wondering where to find one, you have come to the right place. Explore the extensive range of stunning storage beds  @home  from Nilkamal to keep your home clean during Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Benefits of Storage Beds

Saves Space

Saving space in today’s date is a challenge to all. It gets hectic around festivities and rituals that need your home to stay spick and span at all times. The piece of modish furniture with multiple utilities is an excellent addition to your home. Thus, if you have guests over at your place and want to make a great impression, choose a storage  bed  to keep the extra items away from their eyes to judge. You can store extra pillows, blankets, quilts, comforters, suitcases, towels, clothing, vacuum cleaner, and almost anything that fits. These beds look neat and are stylishly designed to make your home look a class apart. You can make the most out of the floor space you save and keep the rooms breathable and the air light. It prepares your home for the auspicious celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Convenient and Low Maintenance

Storage beds are crafted to be heavy-weight and durable, and their structural integrity is not compromised while keeping things aesthetically pleasing. These beds can be cleaned conveniently and are a worthwhile investment in the long run. It is a practical piece of furniture with minimal maintenance cost. You may need to oil the beds with a hydraulic mechanism once in a while for smooth manoeuvre. You can access all your goods in the ones with frames and drawers. 

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your beds can be a mammoth task as the solid platform beds cannot be lifted easily to clean the thin film of dust sitting in the gaps. However, storage beds give you the liberty to open parts and clean them your way. This makes storage beds convenient and one of the most preferred pieces of furniture. You can also control the clutter and the scope for any dust to collect. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to dust.

Wide Range of Designs and Dimensions

You can explore several options of designs and sizes in storage beds. Buy now @home from Nilkamal to get  unique designs in storage beds.  Nilkamal offers a wide range of exquisite designs in king size, queen size, single bed, double bed, metal or wooden accents, and many more. You can also explore mattress types like memory foam mattresses to keep the spine in its optimum curvature for sound sleep and a refreshing feeling after waking up. 

Types of Storage Beds

Storage Beds with Frames

These  beds  have a larger frame that enables you to store more significant amounts of extra items. In the storage space, you can keep away all your upholstery, equipment, quilt, luggage, suitcase, seasonal clothing, etc. It is ideal for Ganpati Festival when you need to keep your home clutter-free and warm for the guests. You can get these in king size, queen size, double bed, single bed, etc. 

Headboard Storage Beds Frames

These beds have extra space on the headboard to store items, and the sides also include  storage drawers.  Thus, you can keep your surroundings neat by storing your chargers, earphones, medicines, and other items in the storage unit on your headboard. Enjoy the clutter-free experience and feel good. 

Hydraulic Storage Beds

Hydraulic storage beds make your room breathable and futuristic and are convenient to access your items at any time. The hydraulic system helps you to lift the compartment without much effort, and you can elevate the entire mattress and access the storage unit. It needs hardly any maintenance and is ideal for people who have to store their hobby equipment, including art supplies, bulky craft material, etc. It is quick access to store anything lying around that you want to keep away to rescue clutter. Thus, buy now  storage beds from @home  by Nilkamal. 

Bed with Storage Drawers

If you want to keep your belongings neatly in confined spaces so that it doesn’t catch a layer of dust, the beds with drawers work wonders. You can store upholstery, equipment, books, garment, etc., and reduce the clutter in your room. Your little ones can also keep all their games and toys in their bed’s storage drawers to keep the room neat and tidy by the end of the day. Thus, it is another excellent option you can go for. 


If you are looking for better alternatives to cabinets and storage space, go for bedding with storage space to save floor space and keep all your items within reach. Browse the  exclusive range of storage beds  @home by Nilkamal is a glimpse of class, sophistication, and practicality. Hurry and get your dimensions and designs for beds to fit your room and add extra space. It is a great way to keep your bedroom organised, save up on the expenditure on wardrobe and cabinet, and free up your storage room with some space. Choosing from the numerous online beds may seem complicated, but you can effortlessly navigate the website, make comparisons, and then make your final choice. Buy online at excellent prices to celebrate Ganpati Festival with better sleep, energy, and free space.

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