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King size bed vs Queen size bed- Everything you need to know

King size bed vs Queen size bed- Everything you need to know

Have you wondered that the bed in which you sleep is a space where you spend a lot of time? Are you constantly woken up by your partner when you're asleep? Do they steal the  blankets, or do they take up too much space? Alternatively, do you now sleep at the edge of the mattress to make your partner more comfortable?

Even though queen-size beds appear to be the more popular, the king-size beds aren’t far behind. A wooden king size bed provides you with more area to stretch out and get comfortable and extra storage space. While a  king-sized bed may be preferable for couples sharing a bed, a queen-sized bed can be used in tighter quarters. There are various other factors to consider when deciding between a queen and a king mattress, ranging from your height to your budget. Here's all you need to know about the differences between a king-size bed and a  queen-size bed if you're having trouble deciding which one to get for your bedroom. Check out  @home by Nilkamal, which will cater to all your needs. 


The most significant distinction between a queen and a king bed is the size difference between the dimensions. Standard king mattresses have a surface area of 6,080 square inches and measure 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The typical queen mattress, on the other hand, measures 60 inches broad by 80 inches long and has a surface area of 4,800 square inches. 

A wooden king-size bed is appropriate for master bedrooms at least 10 by 14 feet in size. When it comes to sleeping comfortably, it will be great for couples or a small family with an infant because it provides adequate personal space when sleeping. A  King size bed with storage space would also be a great option.  

A queen-size bed is more compact and space-efficient than a full-size bed. It is better appropriate for medium-sized bedrooms with a minimum dimension of 10 × 12 feet. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, it will be ideal for couples that require a decent amount of space to move around. It might also be a good option for those who prefer to sleep alone in a huge location with plenty of space and privacy. 

King Sized Bed: A History

Since the 1940s, Americans have been sleeping on a Twin bed or a full-size mattress, depending on their age.  King size mattresses have not traditionally been the most popular choice among couples. Two twin mattresses that could be joined together, also known as a Split King, were promoted by the mattress industry. However, this idea did not catch on. Around 1945, mattress manufacturers began offering larger mattress sizes, which are today referred to as the King and Queen sizes, thus starting a new trend in the market. 


Because king mattresses are larger than   queen mattresses, they tend to be slightly more expensive. A queen mattress may be more cost-effective if you have a limited budget. Others may find the extra space provided by a king bed well worth the investment. You can buy mattresses in all the price ranges from the @home by Nilkamal:  https://www.at-home.co.in/


When picking between different mattress sizes, it is important to consider comfort. If you prefer to spend your nights sprawled out under the blankets, the increased surface area of king size bedding might provide the additional space you require. Queen beds, on the other hand, maybe more tempting to people who like a more intimate sleeping arrangement. 

Whether you prefer a king or a queen bed, research has proven that mattress comfort is strongly related to greater sleep quality in both cases. So you'll want to think about which style of mattress will provide you with the greatest level of relaxation. We at Nilkamal will provide you with the best consultation form when you are in the market for a bed. 

Which size should you buy?

Although king size beds may be more comfortable for certain people and allow couples to spread out more, they are quite heavy and require a large bedroom. Apartments and smaller residences, both of which have small rooms, are quickly rendered unusable due to this. Check to see that there will still be two feet (61 cm) of space around the edge of the king size bed when it is placed in a bedroom before purchasing a king-size bed. This will ensure that there is enough walkable space. However, if other pieces of furniture (e.g.,  nightstands, dressers, etc.) are to be installed in the same room, additional space will be required.




Queen size mattress

King size mattress


60 inches by 80 inches

76 inches by 80 inches

Sleeping space

Narrow space for couples

Ample space for couples

Total sleeping area

33 square feet

42 square feet

Bedroom dimension

A great compromise for smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms.

Suitable for large bedrooms and doesn’t work well in smaller bedrooms


More affordable

More expensive


May throw off the balance of a large room

Balances well with a larger room




If you're ready to get rid of your old mattress and replace it with a mattress appropriate for a queen or a king, you'll want to make an educated decision before you do so. Nilkamal will help you choose the perfect fit for you. We hope the above information has helped you decide on whether to get a King-Sized Mattress or a Queen-Sized Mattress. You could visit the website and shop for your  perfect mattress and bed.

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