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Reveal Your Patriotism With These Independence Day Décor Ideas

Reveal Your Patriotism With These Independence Day Décor Ideas

Independence day is a day to revel in pride, cherish independence and honour the martyrs who spent their lives to give us what we enjoy now. The colours of our national flag are eclectic and can definitely be an inspiration to decorate our home. If it is Independence Day, you could certainly use some useful tips and ideas to accentuate your home décor and get your home to resonate with the patriotic spirit and celebrate the freedom gained. From your living room, bedroom, and kitchen to your balcony, several ideas can help you decorate your room and make it look inspirational. More than anything, it is an excellent way of educating your children about the importance of the day and how important it is to pay our respects to those whom we read about in history textbooks.  Explore Independence day sales  from  @home by Nikamal  to make an addition to your home accents.

Independence Day Décor Ideas for Living Room

If you are a true patriot, you must not just wear it on your sleeve but bring it to your home too. Balloons are a great way to decorate your living room for Independence day. Some love and respect by blowing balloons in white, orange and green to incorporate the tricolour vibe in your living room. Easy, quick and feasible, this could also be paired with white curtains and a vase with white, orange and green flowers to complement your room's look. Stick the balloons to your walls and arrange some flags in between, spaced out to reveal a colourful streak. To pep it up some more, arrange some  cushions  with the tri-colour covers, and they will look splendid on a frosty white sofa. 

Independence Day Décor Ideas for Bedroom

Prepping up your bedroom for Independence day is not tough at all. Well, not everyone may be able to access it, but then you can organise it for you to get a peaceful rest knowing well that you are paying homage to those who gave you that peace and also gleaming with pride that you can sleep peacefully. To decorate your bedroom, start with the curtains. Pick curtains in white, green or orange shades to seamlessly blend with our national flag. Get your side tables decorated with a ceramic vase filled with flowers in the tri-colour. Marigold is a flower that comes in orange, and you could pair it with gerberas or carnations in white with sprigs of green. Invest in a painting with the map of India with the tri-colours painted. Place the painting above the headboard so that it stands majestic in your bedroom. Pair up your  bedspreads  and mix and match them with the tri-colours to help the room get a vibrant vibe.

Independence Day Décor Ideas for Dining Room

You could dine in style whilst surrounded by the tri-colours. Stick the flag on the wall facing the dining table. If you have a four-seater or six-seater dining table, cover it with a green-coloured  tablecloth.  Change your tableware to white plates, soup bowls, serving bowls and glasses. If you like to cook, whip up a tricolour salad with a bowl of blueberries to represent the Ashoka Chakra. Dine in style and reflect the patriotic spirit even in your dining space.

Independence Day Décor Ideas for your Office Space

You may not be working as it is a national bank holiday. But you could start the celebrations a little early. Decorate your workspace with a flag at one end. Replace your stationery stand with pens, pencils and more in the tri-colour. 

Independence Day Décor Ideas for your Kid's Room 

The kids' room is the most important for Independence day celebrations. Kids need to know all about independence, its struggles, and how they must learn to honour it for the forthcoming generations to understand how significant it is to our lives. From decorating their table with flags, swapping their stationery to ones in the tri-colour and putting up a poster with the faces of our freedom fighters, there is a lot you can do in your kid's room. You could even hang white curtains and change their bedsheets, bedspreads and pillow cases to match the colours of the Indian flag. Encourage your child to make tricolour flags or tri-colour  lanterns  with craft paper.


Decorating your home for Independence day can be done on a shoestring budget and lavishly. It depends on how you wish to transform your space to resonate with your ideologies. There are several ideas that you can pick inspiration from.  Freedom sale  and  Independence day sale  are common features just when 15th August is around the corner. The best part of the décor ideas is that they are universal and could just be retained as your décor all the time.  Browse  @home by Nilkamal  has several options for you to choose from, and you can pick from the best range of décor accessories and accents to change the vibe of your living space. Pick the ones that you think will not just fit the bill for Independence day but also double up as great décor ideas for your home! The fight for independence was unlike any other country, with Ahimsa being the core behind the struggle. Those who stood by the ideologies of our leader sacrificed their lives and dreams to bring us freedom.

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