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Top 10 Safety Tips That Parents Must Consider While Buying a Bunk Bed

Top 10 Safety Tips That Parents Must Consider While Buying a Bunk Bed

Your kid’s room has a compact dimension that can be transformed into a functional space by choosing kid’s furniture like a  bunk bed,  study table, bookshelves, and wardrobe to store clothes and toys. Choosing  bunk beds for kids  will help you save on floor space while taking care of the sleeping needs of your little ones. Choose the right  bunk bed design  to complement the décor of your children’s bedroom and help them get a comfortable sleep. However, it is essential for you to stay aware of some of the safety tips and pay attention to a few features when you  buy bunk bed online  to avoid minor accidents or injuries.   


The amount of sleep your kids get each day has a direct influence on their performance at school and behaviour. This is why it is important to invest in a  bunk bed  to keep them comfortable, cosy and warm when sleeping. Choosing  bunk beds for kids  is a wise decision, as it can help you save space if living in a compact apartment. If you have two kids sharing their bedroom, then  bunk beds  are a perfect choice to sleep without any space constraints. The  bunk bed design  promotes sibling bond, as they feel safe and secure when sleeping in it. However, kids have a playful nature, which is why it is important for parents to stay aware of a few safety tips for  bunk beds with storage  to prevent any minor falls or injuries. Read on to learn the safety considerations you must know before buying a  bunk bed online  to have a positive experience every day. 

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10 Best Safety Considerations Every Parent Must Follow When Using a Bunk Bed

1. Do Not Encourage Playing During Bedtime

A  bunk bed  is a favourite choice of every kid as it helps them interact with their siblings when hitting the bed every night. However, it is not advisable to play on the  bunk beds for kids,  as it might not be safe. Even though these kids' beds have a sturdy frame similar to an  adult bunk bed,  kids love to have fun while playing by pushing or jumping on the bed. As the  bunk bed design  keeps it raised from the floor and is placed at a height one above the other, activities like pushing or playing might not be favourable.

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2. Avoid Hanging Toys or Accessories On the Guardrails of Bunk Bed

Though the design of the guardrails of the  bunk bed  can tempt you to hang your scarves, toys, or belts, refrain from hanging such stuff around it. It can be a safety hazard when your kid tries to climb up the  bunk bed  by holding on to the guardrails. 

3. Only Children Aged Above 6 Years Should Sleep On the Top Bunk

Don’t allow your toddler to use the top bunk just because she is throwing a tantrum, as it is not safe for kids aged less than 6 years. Children 6 years or older are mature enough to understand the risks involved if they are jumping on top  bunk bed  or pushing each other. So, they will use the  wooden bunk bed  responsibly without having to monitor their activities. If you have a toddler or a small kid, allot the bottom bunk to enjoy comfortable hours of sleep. 

4. Invest in a New Mattress

Choose a  solid mattress  that is specifically designed for  bunk beds for kids.  Do not use the mattress that you are already using for the  adult bunk bed,  as the  bunk bed  for kids will have a different dimension. The mattress that you buy should be sturdy and must not sag on the sides with regular use, which can contribute to an injury. 

5. Choose Bunk Beds with Guardrails

You can stay assured of your kid’s safety when you  buy bunk bed online  fitted with guardrails for optimum support and protection. These guardrails are essential for the top bunk and should be fixed on either side of the bed to safeguard your kid when rolling over in sleep or changing sleep positions. You can also attach guardrails to the lower bunk if your toddler or a young child using it. Pick the  bunk bed  with guardrails measuring at least 5 inches above the mattress for maximum protection. However, you cannot find these guardrails when buying an  adult bunk bed

6. Don’t Allow More Than One Kid On Top Bunk

Kids love to use their beds to play their favourite games with their siblings, read together, or hang out when watching a cartoon. While the lower  bunk bed  is an excellent option to do such group activities, ensure the top bunker is not crowded with kids. You can have an open conversation with your kids and set firm rules regarding climbing up the top bunker. 

7. Establish a Specific Set of Safety Rules for Kids

As soon as you  buy bunk bed online,  your kids must be instructed that it is essential to follow safety rules when using their new  bunk bed.  Even if you have guests or friends, they must strictly adhere to the safety rules set by you regarding using the top bunk. You must also tell them that there would not be any leniency if the safety rules are not followed to ensure optimum security for your children. 

8. Stick to The Assembly Instructions

It is important to assemble the  bunk bed  based on the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions for perfect frame assembly. The frame of your  bunk beds for kids  lays the foundation, which is why it must be assembled perfectly and the screws must be tightened. Give a slight tug to the  bunk bed design  frame to check whether it is wobbly or shaky. If you feel it is not stable enough, then tighten the screws more until it reaches the desired stance.  

9. Keep The Bunk Bed Clutter Free

Always keep your kid’s  bunk bed  free from clutter, as it can give very little sleeping space to your little one. Choose  bunk beds with storage  with small cabinets or drawers to store their clothes and toys neatly and achieve an organized look. 

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10. Incorporate Night Lights

Putting night lights in your children’s bedroom or just above the bunk bed will help your little one get down from the bed safely. So, there will be no need to wade through the dark room, as the kids will be able to see clearly with wall lights and can avoid chances of injury. 


Concluding Thoughts 

Selecting a  bunk bed  to meet the sleeping needs of your kids while saving precious floor space is a sensible decision. As this bed flaunts a stacked-up design, it is necessary to follow certain safety precautions to ensure your kids are safe. Browse the website of  AtHome  to  buy bunk bed online  in various styles and design to pamper your little ones with comfort. 

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