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Upgrade to Modern Living Room Aesthetics by Investing in Arias Sofa

Upgrade to Modern Living Room Aesthetics by Investing in Arias Sofa

Your living room is the focal point of your home, which is why the space has to be cosy, inviting and comfortable. You create a lot of memories in your living room when celebrating occasions with your family, meeting friends or rewinding after a day’s work. Choosing a sofa with the latest design is essential to transform your living space into a modern abode. Visiting the AtHome website to shop for an  Arias sofa  can be a life-changing decision, as it flaunts an evolved design, has functional features, and is an apt choice to make a bold statement. Choose any sofa from  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  to set up your living room combined with style, functionality and comfort. 


As a homeowner, you will agree that transforming your living room into an inviting oasis can be a challenging task. With some thoughtfulness and  modern living room furniture,  you can easily create a modern living space that balances a well-deserved charm and curated elegance. To achieve a modern look, you might have to incorporate stylish sofas in neutral shades with chromatic accents in white. This is why you need to invest in  Arias sofa, the latest offering by AtHome to furnish and beautify your living area with exceptional design and style. 

Choosing  modern living room furniture  with mixed tones and textures can help your living room flaunt a trending look. The  Arias sofa  range is designed using a streamlined tone to balance the elements in your living space to offer a fresh and stylish look. When trying to set up a modern living space, it is important to balance it with practical  living room furniture  pieces from Arias crafted with premium upholstery fabrics to tone down minimalism. Read on to learn why choosing  contemporary sofa designs  from Arias is a wise decision to elevate your living space and make a bold statement. 


Why Opt for Arias Living Room Furniture?

Arias refers to an exclusively created collection of furniture and home decor, which is synonymous with flair and redefined elegance. The vast furniture-selling experience at this online store, coupled with the exquisite designs curated by the Bollywood actress Lara Dutta, has paved the way in offering an exquisite and versatile collection. 

Bring home elevated elegance and luxury with the Arias range of furniture for your living room, bedroom, and dining room to beautify each room, reflecting exceptional style. The  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  is a rare find, as they are designed with clean lines, stunning silhouettes and modern features to enhance your living spaces instantly. With a stylish  Arias sofa,  you will be able to convey your preference for fine furniture pieces with a distinct design.  

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Be a Proud Owner of Exquisitely Designed Arias Sofa Range

The  Arias sofa  is the epitome of innovative design and impeccable quality, portraying Lara Dutta’s unique taste. Each sofa range encapsulates mesmerising  contemporary sofa designs  featuring unique charm and luxurious comfort. The  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  weaves a tale of welcoming a new lifestyle embracing luxury, elegance, and tenderness. 

Every  elegant sofa set  from the Arias range is thoughtfully curated to ensure each collection mirrors this theme of balancing your living space with warm tones and unusual designs. The  Arias sofa  range lends a pleasing modern flair, making them a perfect addition to contemporary compact homes. Each  Arias furniture  range, be it  the Arias Lorenza series  or  Arias Giorgio series,  is designed with classy features elevated by subdued tones to complement modern and minimalist home decor. 

Top Contemporary Sofa Designs from Arias

The  Arias sofa  range is characterised by eye-grabbing aesthetics, geometric shapes, curvy silhouettes, and clean lines to suit modern home decor. Flaunting impeccable  contemporary sofa designs  exuding simplicity and elegance, these  Arias furniture  pieces can instantly update your living space. From rounded designs to sleek modern look, these stylish  luxury sofa  sets can blend well into your home interiors effortlessly. Listed below are the top-selling  seating solutions  offered by Arias and AtHome.

Arias Giorgio Series for Unparalleled Luxurious Comfort

The  Arias Giorgio series  consists of visually appealing sofas of various styles to match your home décor and create an inviting seating space oozing with cosiness. This  luxury sofa  is an apt choice if you are in search of  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  with a light and neutral palette in shades of light brown, pink, or beige. These sofa sets are an elegant addition to contemporary living rooms to create a visually appealing space with a minimalist style on focus. 

The  Arias Giorgio series  comprises of the following furniture pieces:

  • Arias Giorgio Fabric Lounger Chaise – Let your guests feel like a king or queen when relaxing on this sleek  Arias sofa  with a curved profile. This  lounger chaise  is designed with plush polyester upholstery fabric for a smooth finish to enjoy your lounging time. The elevated backrest and long seat of the  lounger sofa  relieve your sore points in the body by helping you relax. Relax and have a cup of coffee on the  lounger chaise  from the  Arias Giorgio series  built with a pine wood frame and MS legs for durable support. Place this  fabric sofa  on the balcony of your living room to elevate the overall look. 
  • Arias Giorgio 3 Seater Fabric Sofa – This  luxury sofa  with a polyester upholstered foam seat with a curved design is an excellent choice to impress your guests. The smooth and soft  Arias sofa  has sloped armrests and a high backrest to relax your back. This  Arias Giorgio series  sofa in light brown colour features sturdy pinewood frame construction and robust webbing for maple support. Complement this  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  or  lounger sofa  with an  Arias Giorgio Ottoman  in a round shape to capture the interests of your guests.  
  • Arias Giorgio Fabric Arm Chair – This armchair from the  Arias Giorgio series  is a perfect choice to complement your  Arias sofa.  The  Arias furniture by Lara Dutta  is created with foam seats, premium polyester upholstery, and cushioned armrests for complete relaxation. It can be a great addition to increase your seating space, along with a  fabric sofa.

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Arias Lorenza Series for Elevating Living Room Style

If you are aiming to transform your living room into a cosy contemporary living area, then go for  modern living room furniture  from the renowned  Arias Lorenza series.  If you have a modern living room with a spacious layout, choose the  Arias Lorenza Fabric Lounger Sofa  in an alluring onion pink shade to complement your aesthetics. With this  elegant sofa set,  you will never run short of seating space when having guests, as this polyester upholstered furniture can easily accommodate more than 6 persons. Pair this with a stylish  Arias Lorenza Upholstered Center Table with Glass Top  to welcome your guests in style. 

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Parting Thoughts

If you wish to fulfil your dream of having a dreamy living room with modern aesthetics similar to the one you find in magazines, choose  Arias sofa  to amp up your seating style. This  modern living room furniture  piece is an ideal modern  seating solutions,  as it flaunts a distinct curved profile and has a spacious design and sturdy construction. You can buy  Arias furniture  with plush upholstery and durable design by shopping at the website of  AtHome

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