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Wall Art Painting - How Can It Improve Your Home's Atmosphere

Wall Art Painting - How Can It Improve Your Home's Atmosphere

Why should you place wall painting? The question itself is a complex one. You'd probably have heard of several answers to that question, but as with most things in life, there are several factors and opinions on why you should place wall art decor. Wall art painting is a simple but lovely decoration, and a home with no wall art does not feel like home. Buy now the best wall painting at @home.

An Aesthetic Living Room

The living room is among the essential rooms in a house because that's where you can unwind after a long day's work. When decorating your living room, you want to ensure that it has an aesthetic appeal that makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit. Wall art decor can be used to improve the aesthetics of your living room by adding colour and character to it.

A Comfortable Bedroom

Wall art decor is important for bedroom decoration as it helps to create a comfortable and relaxed environment. It is also where you can spend quality time with your family members or partner, making it an intimate space for romance. In this article, we will discuss how wall art decor can enhance the ambience of your bedroom so that you get a relaxing, restful night's sleep every day!

Wall Painting Techniques

If you want to go for a more sophisticated look, try using one of these six techniques:

Colour Washing

Colour washing is the process of combining two paint colours to generate a textural impact. This technique is good when a different shades version with the same colour, including light grey and gloomy grey, or complement colours, are used. The wall will appear cluttered if you use mismatched colours or different shades with more contrast. Try painting a sturdy, semi-gloss liquid foundation, then use a brush or foam to randomly spread your two colours on, enabling bare spots and brushwork to demonstrate. To keep your top colour schemes from drying too rapidly or too densely, thin them out with coating to keep them wetter for longer.

Painting With A Sponge

Sponge painting is another exciting technology that does not necessitate artistic ability. Based on how much transformation you want, you can add it to the existing wall colour or use it on top of a new colour. Either way, you only want a foam paint roller, a simple kitchen sponge, and your favorite wall paint. Then, apply a small amount of your sponge across the wall with your selected paint colour. Create a thin coating for a delicate effect or a denser layer for an elegant, textural remark.

Rolling Rags             

Rag rolling, like sponge artwork and colour washing, is a great way to add dynamic crispiness to your decor. It's also more delicate than the other two methods, so it's a good way to upgrade your look silently.

Rag rolling is indeed one of the easiest paint techniques; it entails trying to roll a wet rag in an upper coat of paint. After dipping the rag in varnish, pile it into random wrinkles and bends to help establish the wall surface, then tap it against the wall because the first splotches will be heavier; scatter them out at the beginning for a more composed. Check out the related products at @home.

Stencilling on the Wall

Stencilling a wall is a less expensive and more adaptable option to wallpaper accent walls. There are infinite stencil patterns and designs available, and you'll have no difficulties finding a perfect match for your style.

Choose to use a paint colour that enhances your existing wall colour once you've found a stencil you like. Usually, people choose a stencil pattern softer than their existing feature wall, but this is entirely up to you and your desires. Then try painting over the new design with your stencil.


Striping is what it sounds like: trying to paint vertical or horizontal stripes on a wall. However, depending on the size and shading of your strips, it can produce many impacts. For example, if you want to stand out in a crowd, paint thick lines that compare sharply with your foundation paint colour. If you prefer a softer effect, choose thinner streaks in a single colour.

Checkers In Metal

Metallic paint offers a series of options for improving your aesthetic. A solid coat of metallic paint can be used to generate an accent wall, or it can be used to start creating pretty yet delicate patterns, such as checkers.

Buy metallic paint in a corresponding colour to your established paint colour to make a slight checkered effect, then use painter's tape to develop a grid of blocks on your wall. When working with a tiny space, getting massive grid squares rather than small ones can assist make the environment feel larger. After you've finished the layout, paint every other square metallic to add a dynamic lustre to your appearance.


An ombre effect is produced by blending one paint colour into another, generally from dark to bright. Three colours are required instead of two to achieve the gradual blurring effect, and the third colour would be used between the main two colours to generate the effect.

After deciding on your colour schemes, measuring and marking three equal longitudinal segments of the wall, forming a bottom, middle, and flat top, paint each segment a different colour, leaving a couple of inches between them. After you've finished painting the main sections, combine some of the bottom and middle paint colour schemes and fill in the gaps between them. 


From the abundance of wall covering to your imagination and the walls, you will realize why posting them is an important element in designing a room. Wall art surely brings life to any bland fence, and this space can become full of personality that gives an aesthetic look. Explore the @home website to shop for the best product for you.

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