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Wall Decor Ideas That Will Reshape Your Living Space

Wall Decor Ideas That Will Reshape Your Living Space

Decorating the walls is not a job without much work and effort. There are many different types of wall decor that you can hang to change the look of your living room or home office. This blog will give you some of the best ideas to refresh your space with unique wall decor that utilises different textures, shapes, and colours. If you're tired of the same old framed wall art and looking for something different, here are some ideas to check out  @home to find wall decor online!

Canvas with a Textile Wrap

On canvas, you could indeed experiment with various components. You have a clean canvas to function with, so try different alternatives. Textile-wrapping your canvas will add texture and colour to your space, while patterned material adds some character.

A Cutout Photo

A cutout photo is an easy way to show off a favorite image. You can use any picture, from a friend or family member to your pet or even a place you want to visit. You'll probably have beautiful photo frame that could work as wall decor. 

An Old Toolbox

  • Repurpose an old toolbox into a small side table.
  • Paint an old toolbox with a glossy finish, then add handles and a magnetic strip to the front for easy storage.
  • Add a chalkboard to the top of a repurposed toolbox for writing notes or doodling!

A Rustic Mirror Frame

This is a great project for anyone looking to add some character to their home. Want to know the best part? You can find large mirrors and frames at thrift stores and flea markets, or you can easily explore @home for wall decor. 

You'll require:

  • A huge mirror 
  • An ornate vintage frame*
  • A power drill with bits 

Painted Patterned Wallpaper

  • Choose a pattern that is not too busy. 

Many fear wallpaper because they believe it will make their home look like an old-fashioned hotel, but this is not the case. Ensure your chosen pattern is not overly detailed or busy to avoid this look. Consider how much of your wall you want to cover and select accordingly.

  • Choose a pattern you love that works with the rest of your room! 

If there are any areas in which decorating may be lacking (e.g., a blank wall), consider using wallpaper as one way of adding interest and providing balance throughout the room.

  • Consider other rooms in the house when choosing wallpaper for your space

If you love a particular pattern for an accent wall but want to use it elsewhere in different areas, consider buying rolls instead of sheets so those designs can be repeated throughout the home without having them clash visually.

A Framed Rug

A rug is a great way to add colour and texture to your space, but it can be expensive. Here are a few pieces of advice for selecting the right area rug for you:

Rugs come in many different materials, so choose one that will last longer. Jute, wool, and sisal are high-quality choices because they're stain-resistant and effortless to clean. If you have pets or kids who might track in dirt or food crumbs, choose an area rug made of synthetic fibres so that it's easier to clean up messes with a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth.

A Hand-Painted Statement Wall

A hand-painted statement wall is a great way to bring bold colour and pattern into your home, and it's a project you can do yourself. You don't need to be a professional artist or have specialised training; brush up on your painting skills and pick out some bold paints for the job.

When choosing a colour for your statement wall, think about what you want to say about yourself and the room you're decorating. Do you want something more subtle to blend in with the space? Wherever possible, choose a paint that matches existing Furniture or features in order not only to make sure everything goes together but also to prevent unnecessary work and expense.

If some delicate surfaces are involved, such as woodwork around windows or doors, take extra care when applying paint, so they don't get damaged! If this is something new for you, head over for more information and browse the @home website to learn about protecting against splattering paint while working with rollers versus brushes.

A Noteworthy Quilt

Not only can a quilt be used as wall decor, but it can also serve as a throw or cover. Quilts are made from old clothing, blankets, and other fabrics that have been stitched together. The patterns vary greatly and often refer back to the fabric's history.

When hanging a quilt on your wall, you can choose whether you want it to cover up a space completely or add some colour and texture wherever it is hung. Quilts come in different sizes, so finding one that fits your area is not difficult if you are worried about having too much fabric hanging around your head.

Repurposed Windows

Since windows are a great way to add character, why not use one as the focal point of your room? If you have an old window sitting around and taking up space, repurpose it. If you're looking for inexpensive ways to add wall art to your home without major changes, try using repurposed windows instead!

You can use various techniques like painting, stencilling, or decoupage to add interest to your walls by visiting @home today!


Wall decor is a must to freshen up your room. If you are searching for creativity, look no further. Buy @home to get exciting offers on wall decor online. There was a time when people thought they had to design using heavy materials; now, we have lighter options that can give you the same style and look at a lower price. There are many ideas out there, and we hope some of these projects inspired you. 

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