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Wall Decor- The tool to turn Boring into Beautiful

Wall Decor- The tool to turn Boring into Beautiful

White or plain coloured are just blank canvases for storytelling of your life. The wall decor can be a perfect opportunity to add story, looks and beauty to your walls. Plain walls are a waste of creative spaces that can be made artistic by choosing select wall art.


Most people struggle with wall decor. They are not sure how to decorate their walls, they then tend to add too many or too few elements. Selecting some of the best wall arts can convert your boring spaces into centerpieces. Artwork, modern artifacts, vintage products, and personal photographs are some of the safest and most creative wall decor ideas.


Why wall art or wall decor?

As discussed, walls never got their due as a home decor opportunity. They have been massively underutilized. Wall decor can change your interior game as-

  • Beautifies the wall by adding pops that attract attention. Using paintings, clocks, and macrame can add texture and grab attention.
  • Completes the decor of the room. Room decor is never complete without good wall art. Using paintings, or other designs on the wall can give the room decor a finished look.
  • Flaunts your personality. Using metallic art, paintings, and other artifacts on the wall displays the personality and lifestyle of the owner. Musical murals show a musical personality, whereas, paintings or wall art of animals or celebrities showcase that.
  • Makes the room decor look cohesive. Wall decor ties the entire decor. From furnishing, furniture, and accessories come together with it. It provides the focal point required for all interior designs.
  • It brings to life dead spaces in the decor. A corner with just walls, a wall above a rack or a small table comes alive when adorned well.
  • Some of the modern wall decor ideas make decor multifunctional. They add storage to the decor making proper use of the space.



Here are some ideas to transform your boring walls into focal points.


  • Shelves- While shelves used to be boring pieces of furniture, they no longer are. Shelves have now become multi-shaped. You get hexagonal shelves, eccentrically shaped, conical shelves amongst others. They are also of bold and bright colors. Check out some of the fun shelve options here.
  • Oversized paintings- Wall art has traditionally been paintings, but now the modern shift is towards using large-sized paintings on the walls, accompanied by smaller sets if needed. A monochromatic painting can balance a colorful room and vice versa.
  • Photo wall- Display your best holiday memories, remarkable events or just endearing photographs as wall art. One can select some of the most quirky frames or frames of various shapes and sizes like this and create a memory wall art.

  • Rugs- Intricate and ornamental rugs deck up a wall. A rug with motifs such as the one here looks great. They add body to the wall and look very royal, yet very simple.
  • Macrame is the new flavor of the season. It has become popular enough to not go anywhere. Macrame is here to stay. A dreamcatcher made of macrame, a mirror, a calendar, the options for wall decor with macrame is diverse and unlimited.
  • Fabrics, tassels, beads. The modern wall decor has become extremely creative. There is no limit to what one can create. Using tassels, fabrics above a table and behind vases and other tabletop artefacts give the wall a pop look.
  • Potted plants- hanging potted plants that literally hang from the wall and are used to break the length of a stark wall and add greenery to the decor.
  • Using mirrors- though a very traditional idea for wall decor, the mirror itself has become reinvented. Quirkily shaped mirrors and mirror frames constructed from everything from macrame to metals look good. One can create some fantastic wall art with the use of a mirror.
  • Paint pictures, and motifs, create drawings, doodles, and murals. A boring bland wall gets a facelift with murals. In offices, especially home offices, or children’s rooms, a doodled wall looks fantastic.
  • Use maps, posters or paraphilia from your movie obsessions, or display your stamp or any other collection in an extremely creative and curated way.
  • Hanging plates is also good modern wall decor. Using plates with intricate designs and carvings is a great form of wall art. In some cultures, they are also considered very lucky.
  • Mounting your electronics like a television along with other electronics, or a good speaker system over a wallpapered wall also adds accent to your decor.
  • Quirky shelves are here to stay. If nothing else works for your walls, add rows or shapes of bookshelves. They look good, quirky and vibrant. It will also help you show off your collection. One can even show of quirky vinyl collections.



Wall decor is using your creativity to make the blank canvas of your decor sing. The wall decor will look fantastic and your personality will stand out. It also makes decorating a smaller home more fun and personalise your house. Go ahead and buy some of the cool wall art and other nick and nacks on at-home.


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