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Wardrobe Designs And Which One You Should Get For Your Bedroom

Wardrobe Designs And Which One You Should Get For Your Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, apart from the bed, the second most important piece of furniture is the wardrobe. It is where we keep all our essentials such as clothes, accessories, etc. 

Not just a storage space, a wardrobe also helps us make the bedroom look neat and organized. Imagine if everything we keep inside the bedroom was kept outside in the open in the room. It would make the room look messy, wouldn’t it? 

For the bedroom to look consistent and aesthetically pleasing, you need to get the wardrobe design right. And when it comes to the wardrobe design, you can get spoiled for choice. In this blog, we’ll take you through the different wardrobe designs available and which one you should get for your bedroom. 

Different types of wardrobe designs

Two door wardrobe

2 door wardrobes, as the name suggests, have two doors. The doors open on either side to storage racks inside the wardrobe. The doors could be sliding doors or regular doors that open on the outside.

Two door wardrobes  are larger than single door wardrobes and smaller than three door wardrobes. Two door wardrobes have storage racks of different sizes and shapes – for hanging clothes on the hangar, smaller racks for keeping clothes, accessories, and bags, too. 

Some of the wardrobes have hooks and hangers on the inside of the doors which can be used to hang bags, belts, etc. 

2 door wardrobes are perfect for a single person who has a lot of things or for a couple. You could even use the wardrobe to keep bedroom linen and other household items. 

Three door wardrobe

3 door wardrobes  have three doors. To imagine a three door wardrobe, you can combine a single door wardrobe with a 2 door wardrobe and you have a three door wardrobe. 

Three door wardrobes are larger and hence have more space for storage. Three door wardrobes can have space for hanging clothes on both sides, and different sizes of storage racks. 

Since 3 door cupboards are larger in size, they require more space in the room. Hence, it is important to measure the space available in your room before you decide to bring home a three door wardrobe. You should also have some breathing space around the three door wardrobe. 

3 door wardrobes are multifunctional as you could use one side to keep personal items such as your clothes and accessories, and the other side can be used to keep home linen and other essentials.

Sliding door wardrobe

While most wardrobes have doors that open on the outside, there is another kind of wardrobe that has sliding doors. Slider wardrobes have a more stylish look. They also save space that is occupied when the cupboard doors are open.  Sliding door wardrobes  are most suitable for space crunched rooms. 

The inside of slider wardrobes can be similar to wardrobes with normal doors. They also have space to hang clothes and racks of different shapes and sizes. Slider wardrobes usually do not have mirrors. As the doors slide, it’s risky to have a mirror on it. The mirrors could also get scratched while sliding the doors. 

Wardrobe with mirror

There are  wardrobes with mirrors  and without mirrors. Wardrobes with mirrors can mean that you might not have to buy a dressing table separately. Your wardrobe can double up as a dresser, too. You can find full mirror wardrobes that are good for dressing up and seeing yourself from top to bottom. These wardrobes also reflect light and make the room look much bigger.

A few things to consider before you buy a wardrobe

The size of your room

There’s no point buying a wardrobe that’s so large that it will take up all the space in your room. Moreover, it would also make the room look imbalanced. Hence, always get a sense of the size of the room. If the room is small, go for a single door or a 2 door wardrobe.

The space available for a wardrobe

Not just your room but the space that is available to you for your wardrobe. Based on that, you should search for a wardrobe online according to the size. A slider wardrobe would be a good option for smaller spaces as you can easily open the wardrobe even if it’s kept in a space-crunched spot.

The color of the wardrobe

Whether you’re giving a makeover to your room or simply upgrading your wardrobe, you should consider the color. Choose a wardrobe color that matches the color scheme of your bedroom. Conversely, you could also choose a contrast color. Eg, if your walls are beige, you could go for a black color wardrobe.

Your storage requirements

We use wardrobes for storage. So it’s most important that you choose a wardrobe that provides enough storage space for all your belongings. Not just that, your wardrobe should also have separate storage options for different items such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, valuable things such as diamonds, cash, and more.

Wardrobe design

Last but not the least, wardrobe design is also one of the most important factors to consider. It is the aspect that will decide how your bedroom looks after placing the wardrobe in it. It will help you enhance the overall personality of your room. Because a wardrobe is one of the larger furniture pieces in your room, you should pay special attention to its design before buying it. You don’t want to end up with one that you don’t like seeing.  

Over to you

By now, you must’ve made up your mind about the type of wardrobe you’d like in your bedroom. The next step? Head to  At-Home online furniture store  to pick the best wardrobe for your home.

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