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Advantages of Wardrobes With a Sliding Door Over Hinged Door

Advantages of Wardrobes With a Sliding Door Over Hinged Door

 Whether you are looking to renovate the existing  wardrobe  in your home or get a new one, the kind of door you want makes a big difference. The space constriction brought about by hinged wardrobes can be easily tackled with the implementation of a sliding door facility. There are more benefits that a sliding door provides in wardrobes, irrespective of their size and shape. Read through the below-mentioned plus points that you can avail of by opting for a  sliding door vs hinged door wardrobe  in the wardrobes.

Benefits of Sliding Door vs Hinged Door Wardrobes

1)More door space

Hinged door wardrobes use more space to open and close the doors than sliding door varieties. Since the doors of the  hinged wardrobe  open outwards, more space is consumed. Therefore there has to be more space reserved in front of the  wardrobe.  Lack of space will cause a de-shaping of the wardrobes or may lead to warping of the doors. This is true in the case of a  wooden wardrobe,  as wood tends to get damaged more quickly than other materials. Since a sliding door mechanism in wardrobes does not need any space to open up, they are more space-saving. This is why sliding door wardrobes are beneficial even in smaller rooms with space constriction problems. 

2)Less plinth clearance

Since hinged doors ought to have more plinth clearance above the skirting level, more space is required, even at the bottom of the  wardrobes . This is skipped in the case of sliding door cupboards as they do not need any plinth clearance and thus provide more space. A space of at least 100mm is required for the plinth clearance in the case of hinged wardrobes. 

3)Door width limitation

The width of the doors in hinged wardrobes has to be kept to a minimum as too wide doors can cause a strain on the hinges. The maximum width of the doors is to be maintained at 600mm in the  hinged wardrobe . If the door width extends above this span, the weight of the doors normally causes the hinges to get weaker over time and break off. The doors of the wardrobes will ultimately need to be replaced along with the hinges. This can eventually decrease the longevity of the wardrobe. The design of the cupboard can also be compromised after a specific time duration. 

This is different in the case of sliding door wardrobes, as the width of the doors can be much above 600mm. There is no strain on the sliding doors and their durability because the doors work on horizontal sliders, and the weight is rested on the doors. \

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4)Cheaper option

Since the width of hinged doors needs to be kept to a minimum, more cost is involved in the number of hinges used in the wardrobes. This, in turn, affects the width and overall size of the cupboard. More doors will be required if a bigger cupboard is needed. Sliding doors, however, can be kept to a maximum width. Also, a lesser number of doors are required for the wardrobes. The number of sliders is not needed in more quantities which decreases the overall cost of the wardrobes.  

5)Permits more numbers of mirrors

Since  mirrors  are heavy, hinged doors usually only support a small weight of mirrors due to the vertical weight balance. Using full-length mirrors on hinged doors is not an option, as the excess weight can strain the doors. The doors tend to get weak, and the hinges must be replaced often. Also, the mirrors must be added onto the wooden doors, increasing the overall weight considerably. Sliding doors, however, balance the excess weight on horizontal sliders. They can thus bear the weight of full-length mirrors easily and do not wear out. Plain glass sliding doors or plain mirror sliding doors are trendy options available today. Frosted glass doors or tinted glass are the latest varieties available in sliding door wardrobes.

6)Repairs and maintenance

Even though hinged doors are to be used with a space-saving perspective, they are easier to maintain. If used with a proper weight balance, the hinges wear out only after a considerable duration of time. On the other hand, sliding doors tend to get jammed very often and need careful use. The sliding spaces tend to get filled up with dust, thread, smaller pieces of clothing, etc. Periodical cleaning of the sliding spaces needs to be done to avoid this jamming problem. The wheels can get damaged due to the dirt accumulated and may need to be replaced. 

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7)Additional storage space

The inner sides of hinged doors can be effectively used to hang any accessories like jewellery, belts, scarves, caps, etc. In this way, more storage space is created. Sliding doors do not permit the use of the doors to store any items as the doors to slide back and forth. The additional plinth space created by sliding doors makes up for the above downside, as an extra drawer can easily fit into the wardrobe area. 

8)Easy installation

The tracks and sliders can be easily installed on the sliding doors without much carpentry involved. At the same time, hinged doors in a wooden wardrobe need more expertise and carpentry precision to fix the hinges. This adds to the labour cost involved in hinged doors over sliding doors. If you  buy wardrobe online, then you can easily install it

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Despite the many advantages of a  sliding wardrobe  over a hinged wardrobe, the hundred per cent visual grasp provided in the hinged varieties is unavailable in the sliding wardrobes. Visual awareness is limited to only fifty per cent in the  sliding wardrobe  as half the door remains closed. Every nook within the hinged wardrobes can be utilised efficiently as any angular opening is possible. After knowing the advantages of sliding over hinged wardrobes, it is easy to make an informed decision.  Buy wardrobe online  from the varied stock available at-home and accentuate the look of your bedroom

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