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Ceramic Vs Glass Crockery: Through Analysis To Select Right Crockery

Ceramic Vs Glass Crockery: Through Analysis To Select Right Crockery

Two intrinsic characteristics of Indians are- loving good food and socialising. Whether it's a small get-together or a major festival, we Indians enjoy serving and eating a large assortment of dishes. On these occasions, we love to show off the  crockery  collection. The  crockery  collection ranges from our everyday use  crockery set  to that stunning  crockery set  to be taken out for special people or occasions. The  crockery,  at times, rivals our love for delicious food. And many times, the  crockery  rivals each other too. These are the times when one is about to  buy crockery online in India.  The decision of  ceramic vs glass crockery  is mammoth. After all, both  glass crockery  and  ceramic crockery  are equally good. Explore various designs to  buy crockery online in India

So, how to decide the winner in the  ceramic vs glass crockery  fights? It's simple. Read below our extensive  ceramic vs glass crockery  analysis to know the features along with the pros and cons of both  crockery  types to decide.

Ceramic Vs Glass Crockery: Which To Choose? 

Ceramic crockery  and  glass crockery  both are frontrunners in the crockery industry. Whenever someone says  crockery,  either of the two pops into the mind. Even when people  buy crockery online in India,  they choose either of the two most often. It's no surprise there is always an ongoing  ceramic vs glass crockery  war. People are always caught in the  ceramic vs glass crockery  choice. 

Therefore, if you plan to  buy crockery online in India  and can't choose a clear winner of the  ceramic vs glass crockery  war, we will help you. We have detailed the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of both  glass crockery  and  ceramic crockery . Understanding the benefits and features of both  crockery  types individually will help to select the crockery suited for your home and needs prudently. Let's begin. 

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Ceramic Crockery: Features, Pros & Cons 

Ceramic crockery  is one of the most popular and loved  crockery  across the globe. Available in various designs, it attracts everyone with its aesthetic appeal. Explore stylish  ceramic crockery.  Here are the characteristics of  ceramic crockery,  along with its pros and cons:

Characteristics Of Ceramic Crockery 

Ceramic crockery  is characterised by the following:

  • It is made from natural clay. The clay is heated at extremely high temperatures to harden it. 
  • Ceramic crockery  is available in both glazed and unglazed varieties. The glazing adds a protective layer to the  crockery,  enhancing its appearance.  
  • Ceramic crockery  is available in an array of designs in numerous patterns and designs. 

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Advantages Of Ceramic Crockery 

The advantages of  Ceramic crockery  are:

  • Durability  is made by heating and hardening clay, making it highly durable and sturdy. So, you can use  ceramic crockery  for special occasions and everyday meals. 
  • Versatility- Ceramic crockery  can be moulded and designed into various patterns. So, you will get unique styles and designs of pieces. 
  • Heat Retention  -  Ceramic crockery  can retain heat for longer due to its composition. So, when you serve or keep food in it, it stays warm for a long duration, and you can enjoy warm food even during a long meal.
  • Microwave Safe  - Some  ceramic crockery  are suitable for microwave usage. So you can cautiously use them in the microwave. 
  • Budget-friendly  -  Ceramic crockery  is more affordable than other crockeries as it is made from clay. 

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Drawbacks Of Ceramic Crockery 

The drawbacks of  Ceramic crockery  are:

  • Heavy - Ceramic crockery  is made from hardened clay, weighing heavier than  glass crockery.  
  • Chipping & cracking - Though  ceramic crockery  is sturdy and durable, it is still susceptible to cracking or chipping when not handled properly.
  • Extra care - If the  ceramic crockery  is unglazed, it absorbs the oil or masala stain over time. So, it requires extra care while cleaning to avoid it. 

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Glass Crockery: Features, Pros & Cons 

Glass crockery  is the most coveted and elegant crockery. The transparent designs with beautiful patterns make it popular for most special occasions. Here are the characteristics of  glass crockery,  along with its pros and cons:

Characteristics Of Glass Crockery 

Glass crockery  is characterised by the following:

  • It is made of molten silica, lime and soda ash. Then the molten material is shaped and cooled to create beautiful  crockery
  • Characterised by its transparent and glossy appearance, it beautifully showcases any dish or food item. 
  • Along with various designs and patterns,  Glass crockery  is also available in various colours and textures. 

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Advantages Of Glass Crockery 

The advantages of  glass crockery  are:

  • Formal Elegance - The beautiful designs of  glass crockery  adds elegance to every dish, food item and table setting. So, it's perfect for special and formal occasions rather than daily dinners. 
  • Lighter in Weight - When comparing  ceramic vs glass crockery  weight,  glass crockery  is lighter than  ceramic crockery.  
  • Easier to clean - Glass is non-porous. So it doesn't absorb odours or stains from the dishes. Hence, it is effortless to maintain and clean vis-à-vis  ceramic crockery.  It is more suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. 

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Drawbacks Of Glass Crockery 

The drawbacks of  glass crockery  are:

  • Less Customisation - Though  glass crockery  is available in a plethora of designs and patterns,  ceramic crockery  still needs to be more customisable. 
  • Fragile - Light in weight, glass crockery is comparatively more fragile than ceramics and easily breaks or chips when mishandled. 
  • Less heat retention - Glass is a good conductor of heat. So, serving or keeping any hot dish in glass crockery gets cold more quickly than ceramic crockery. 

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The  ceramic vs glass crockery  choice all depends on your lifestyle, preferences, usage and requirements. Both are equally good, with different usability and features. To choose which is better, consider our  ceramic vs glass crockery  analysis and compare their pros and cons. Make a judicious selection based on it to complement your lifestyle and preference. Explore  Athome  to  buy crockery online in India.

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