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Dine In Style: Matching a Home Dining Table With Open Plan Spaces

Dine In Style: Matching a Home Dining Table With Open Plan Spaces

We will start by understanding the functionality of different dining room furniture types and extend toward major dining table types. Then, we will learn how to guide and style fusion with dining table and chairs that you can incorporate in open spaces to give character to the dining sets. Later, we will decode quick tips to make your dining area mingle in open spaces.


Setting up dining room furniture in an open-concept interior is not new in modern living areas. The trick is to define the dining area without interrupting the flow. A lack of balance and accessorising can overpower one area, leading to an incoherent, unfashionable, and unfit home interior. If you regard dining room furniture as functional pieces that create a resonating experience, you must know that only a symphony can wow your interiors. This blog is a how-to guide with ideas on matching the home dining table and teaches mixing furniture styles with open-concept interiors.

Elements of Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture comprises dining table and chairs, cupboards/sideboards, chandeliers/lighting, and a console table. Table liners and covers drape the dining room essentials, while plates and kitchenware aid in eating and serving. Dining table sets are the centrepiece of any dining room, and they come in wood, glass, plastic, steel, and more. A wooden dining table set offers a traditional touch, while a glass dining table adds a modish look. The dining table and chairs offer comfortable seating while eating with an upholstered and unupholstered variety. Sideboards with clear glass doors can display your favourite dishes and kitchenware. A console table is necessary to add extra decor elements like vases or houseplants, with a storage option to store napkins, tablecloths, etc. Chandeliers or other lighting elements complete the lighting requirements of the dining area. 

Types of Home Dining Table

Guests and family members spread out across the dining room, where only a proper home dining table and chair can bring them together to enjoy bustling table conversations. You can fill your space with a wooden dining table set. 

Cosy Rounds

Round dining table and chairs are perfect for intimate gatherings that need easy conversations without sharp edges or corners. Round tables create a sense of equality and camaraderie that works great for families with kids and seniors. It is a must-have for smaller footprints and compact apartments. For instance, a contemporary dining table, like Avante 6 Seater Dining Table with Fixed Top (Brown) is just right for smaller get-togethers. It is a wooden dining table set that can highlight angled walls in open interiors.

All-time Classic Rectangular

Rectangular wooden dining table set is a go-to shape for large gatherings, especially during buffet systems. The sleek, 90-degree angles are ideal for modernistic homes with a no-frills base and a neat look. Dining table and chairs in walnut tones blend style, simplicity, and functionality under one roof.

Square Dining

A square wooden dining table set provide crispness to the room decor and look great when tucked in against a wall. A square wooden dining table set is a popular space saver in apartment-type setups. You can arrange the dining table and chairs in a style you desire.

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Curvy Ovals

An oval wooden dining table set provides visual amplitude and is suitable for modern/large rooms for a soft yet alluring ambience. You can pick an oval dining table, like Crossway 6 Seater Dining Table (Walnut), to make a statement and ensure a comfortable seating experience. Buy your 4 seater dining table today.

How to Guide to Match Home Dining Table in Open Concepts

An open-plan living space need not be a large and boring room. With unique ideas, you can make the home dining table an intimate space while leaving abundant air and light. Dive into the below stylish design and furniture placement ideas to zone off your dining area:

Add Rugs

Positioning a rug underneath the home dining table can create a cosy space and offer a soft underfoot while filling the open space with additional elements. Lightweight rugs can help clean up food debris after eating. You can try hexagonal floor paints or patterns to close the space underneath your 4 seater dining table. 

Break Up Spaces

Divide furniture zones and use large cabinets to separate the living room and dining area. When you fall short on budget, add a sideboard or shelving unit and create an intimate dining room.

Go Monochromatic

Stick to a unified colour like black and white throughout the open space but combine different materials like a metal 4 seater dining table, leatherette sofa, and glass window panes/doors. Combine styles and silhouettes to create standout designs without dominance.

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Incorporate a Single Style

Select a design theme close to your heart and choose pieces that fall under that umbrella, from walls, chandeliers, artificial plants, and rugs to the dining table and chairs. It creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere where all finishes unite with the same design key.

Keep Things Handy

How about adding practicality to the mix? While you eat on a 4 seater dining table, store glasses and tableware in kitchen cupboards nearby. It makes the open space highly functional while standing tall on the utility.

Keep a Focal Point

Arrange the dining table and chairs of your 4 seater dining table in the centre of a concrete floor and align them with a bright centre picture on bland walls. This way, you frame a viewpoint and allow all the elements to fall around it for a cheerful atmosphere.

Put Together Bold Colours

Try choosing one bold shade and making it available in every piece of furniture in the room, like side shelves, corner seating desks, walls, and dining room furniture. Align the table shape with chairs of your  4 seater dining table and keep it all in line yet charming.

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Quick Tips for Dining Room Furniture to Mingle in Open Concept

  • Try the delightful mix-and-match trend and put your personality into the mix.
  • Pair dining table and chairs with a contemporary low bench for extra seating space and exude versatility.
  • Mix upholstered chairs with bare ones of your  4 seater dining table to give character to the dining area in open-concept spaces.
  • Adding a long sideboard with artwork can define the dining space without overpowering the kitchen or living room if you have a home dining table that isn’t filling the space. 
  • Throw up a pair of sconces on either side of the artwork or add a large vase with stems to fill the open space and ground them without a floating look. 
  • Dress the open space with a wider table, a large chandelier, or a pair of large pendants to make the space lucrative.
  • Scoot a round 4 seater dining table to the window wall, add chairs, and build a bench to create a cosy dining area.
  • Fill the open wall with a storage chest and pretty dinnerware.

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Open interiors, too, pave the way for the intimate dining experience. While you choose a dining table for an open concept, remember to infuse your style with thoughtful curations, create balance, install proper lighting, and play with colours. Utilise the design tips of this blog and dine in style. To grab the latest wooden dining table set, head to the At-Home website and pick from exquisite options for your budget. Don't wait too much. Get your  4 seater dining table today.

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