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Duvet or Comforter- What Will Keep You Warmer This Winter?

Duvet or Comforter- What Will Keep You Warmer This Winter?

There are two kinds of people to categorise when it comes to covering themselves in winter. One sleeps under a  comforter, and the other sleeps under a duvet. What is the difference? Well, one can hardly tell. The argument between the  duvet vs comforter  is history and equally mysterious. Both go over the bed and are used to keep one warm and cosy at night. But what sets them apart is their individual defining characteristics, making it vital when choosing bedding. The world of bedding accessories is a maze that one will find hard to navigate, and it might make one lose sleep too. Learning all about  duvet vs comforter, duvet covers,  duvet sets  can make a lot of difference to your sleep pattern.

With the chilly weather, it is hard to fall asleep, and one needs to be comfortably snug to sleep well at night. Gone are the days when people who wrap themselves under two  blankets or a  rug to keep warm. Razai, quilts, duvets and comforters have made way for a modern bedroom that fares well on the style quotient and comfort. Whilst the traditional razai weaved by weavers still features on the top, duvets and  comforters have found a popular spot on supermarket  shelves and online  racks

To learn more about duvets and comforters, it is essential to know each of them in detail. We can then move on to the factors to consider before making a choice.

What is a duvet?

A  duvet is a fluffy blanket filled with wool, synthetic fibre or down. In some parts of the world, it can be called a  comforter, making it even more confusing.  Duvet is the insert that is sold separately.  Duvet sets come with  duvet covers. If you buy a duvet individually, then you can choose between a  cotton duvet cover or a synthetic cover. With a duvet, you need not worry about additional layerings like sheets, throws, blankets or quilts.


  • Lightweight and fluffier in texture
  • Easy to clean
  • Brightens up the bedroom decor


  • Can bundle up inside
  • Awkward to assemble
  • Does not provide similar coverage as the comforter

What is a comforter?

A comforter is more like a thick layered long blanket filled with down (fluffy feathers of geese, ducks) or synthetic fibre. Comforters are stitched or quilted to keep the stuffing in place and ensure it is evenly distributed. You can choose between a  cotton comforter or a  polyester comforter. Comforters do not need a cover and can go directly on top of bedspreads. They are standalone pieces of bedding accessories made with fabric that is patterned or coloured. One can pair the  full size comforter sets with blankets or throw it for extra warmth.


  • Does not need assembly
  • Ideal for décor as it hangs over the  bed
  • Retains shape


  • Difficult to clean
  • Tend to flatten over time
  • Might not be warm enough for winter

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Which one should you choose?

Try to answer the below questions when you start to shop online or in the market for duvets or comforters. The answers are sure to help you make an informed decision:

  • Are you particular about making the bed?

If yes, then comforters are the best choice. They were used along with  bed linens like throws, sheets etc. If you hate making the bed, then opt for a duvet and duvet cover.  Full size comforter sets come with all accessories, and they can satisfy your desire to remain prim and proper.

  • Do you like a soft, fluffy feeling?

If you like the softness and fluffiness of things that cover you, then duvets are the best. They are fluffier and can be used without any additional  sheets.

  • Do you want your bed for a layered look?

A comforter can perfect your bed’s look by blending with the corresponding lined like pillow cases, sheets, blankets etc.

  • Do you want to wash it at home?

Comforters can be easily washed with other bedding. On the other hand, a duvet need not be washed as it does not come in direct contact with the skin. The duvet cover needs to be changed every fortnight.

  • Do you turn a lot when you sleep and tend to move?


A duvet may not be the right choice if you like to turn around when you sleep. The fluff inside the duvet tends to dislocate, and a comforter is a standalone item and tends to stay in place.

  • Do you like to turn the style of your bedroom?

If you like to change the décor of your bedroom according to the season, then duvets are an excellent option.  Duvet covers can be bought and come with  pillow cases, too, so you can mix and match the bed linen.

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Comforters and duvets are the main thick, fluffy blanket on the bed that you can snuggle under for a good night’s sleep. Both must be aesthetically pleasing and will visibly be the main feature. The main difference is that a comforter can be used as is, and a duvet needs additional accessories to be able to use. As we spend almost a third of our lives in the bedroom and sleeping, making the best decision when choosing bedroom accessories is essential. At the end of the day, whether duvets or comforters are better is more of a subjective matter. It all boils down to personal preference. Some may prefer duvets as they are easy to clean and care. On the other hand, comforters are an easy choice. They make styling your room an easy option. Look for good quality comforters and duvets to enhance the bedroom décor.  at-home offers a variety of products to choose from to help you keep warm and keep up the aesthetics aspect too.

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