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Essential Points To Consider Before Buying Bedsheet

Essential Points To Consider Before Buying Bedsheet

A bedsheet was considered an absolute necessity for your bed earlier, but now it has not only become a necessity but a matter of aesthetic appeal and grandeur that it adds to your bedroom and your home interiors. Many people have started selecting bedsheets according to their tastes and preferences, and designs or patterns that attract the consumers' eye are sold within a whisker. Although the personal choice is an essential factor when selecting a bedsheet for your bed, there are many other important points that everyone needs to consider before they make up their mind to shop for an exquisite piece of bedsheet for their bed. Let's look at these critical factors and also check out a vast range of options available for bed linen.

Things To Remember While Buying Bedsheets

Checking Bed and Bedsheet measurements

The most important task before selecting a bedsheet for your bed is to get an appropriate estimation of your bed's exact dimensions or measurements. You have to assess the bed size since beds come in various types- single or double beds and also according to length. They can be categorised into two sizes- king and queen-size beds, with unique dimensions and measurements. All these beds have their set of standard measures according to which they are built, which sometimes differs depending on other bed makers. Therefore, it is essential as an aware consumer to take note of the standard dimensions of the bed you are using, be it a king or queen size bed, before making up your mind to select bed linen for your bed.

After you have completed the task of checking the measurements or dimensions of your bed, you need to get an approximate idea about the measure of the bedsheet you are willing to buy online for your bed, whether single or double bedsheets. You have to expertly scrutinise the exact size of the bedsheet you are looking to buy, which will cover the entire bed and not be much bigger compared to your bed or much smaller in size compared to your bed dimensions. You have to also keep in mind the bedsheet you are willing to buy for your bed is sufficiently deep for your mattress since the bedsheet might shrink after it is washed from time to time. Be it a queen or king-size bed. Getting a proper estimation of your required measurement before selecting single or double bedsheets is essential.

Check the thread counts and select the fabric

A thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch while weaving in both directions. It is generally estimated that the more the thread count on a bedsheet, the more it is considered luxurious and premium in terms of comfort. Also, going for a much higher thread count bedsheet will imply going for thin threads. It is recommended that you should go for not less than 140 and not more than 245 thread count to ensure your bedsheet doesn't get frayed up way too quickly.

An essential aspect of selecting bed linen online is ensuring what kind of fabric material bedsheet you can choose with the budget constraints you had already prepared. Cotton is considered the most sought-after fabric for bedsheets, and Cotton blends are also in popular demand in the market. You can go for stain or silk material if luxury is on the top of your priority list and budget is not an issue for you, or you can also choose flannels for the winter months since it imparts a cosy feeling to their user. Also, check that you can maintain the fabric of the bedsheet as per the instructions given out by the manufacturer, and also check that the material or fabric comes within your budget constraints. 

Search for the right store to Buy from

When selecting bedsheet online, a vast majority of options are available, categorised into different colour textures, patterns, designs and price levels which might suit the requirements of people with other choices and needs. You can easily compare the bedsheet you are willing to buy with another bedsheet offered by another seller at the same price. Check if any of them provides any extra features, and select that option with full features at a standard cost. Although it ensures that the store you are buying from has a good reputation in the market, check the reviews of the bedsheet they offer to ascertain the quality they provide to the consumers. 


If you follow the important points stated in this blog while selecting a bedsheet online, Your shopping experience will be smooth and fruitful, and you can choose the best option within your budget constraint. Shop for a fantastic collection of bedsheets in different sizes and materials with gorgeous designs and patterns available at standard prices, exclusively from @home. You can order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery within the prescribed time

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