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Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom This Diwali

Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom This Diwali

Everyone is eager to decorate their homes for Diwali. Revamp your bedroom with a new bed, wardrobe, dressing table, and more. One of the most significant rooms in your house is your bedroom; thus, it should reflect that importance. Find the best bed to buy and get the much-needed comfort which you deserve. Your bedroom serves as your haven, so add decorative bed cushions, wall decor, curtains, etc., to make it feel more homely.

Usually, during Diwali, people like to get more creative with their bedroom decor. And that gets a number of wish lists as the market bombards you with hoards of ideas, be it your bedroom wall decor to bedroom furniture. Mix the aesthetic with tradition to create a radiantly ravishing lively splash of colours while keeping alive a traditional base with simple decor items that complement the Diwali celebrations. Enlisted below are a few ideas to help you feel less burdened while decorating your bedroom this Diwali.

Looking For The Best Bed 

The main factors to consider when purchasing a new bed may include the bedroom's size, the number of sleepers, your budget, and how frequently you move. However, after sorting all your requirements, you must check out all the options.

Budget, purpose, space, and looks are the four things that should sum up your decision when you shop for a bed this Diwali.

King-Size Bed

Your bedroom is like the canvas that needs the care and patience to turn it over into a story of everlasting love, life and lively conversation with your loved one. A master bed or a king-size bed with an attractive design will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. The king size is large enough for two people to sleep comfortably.

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Queen-Size Bed

There is no need to fight over the blanket while attempting to fall asleep because the queen-size bed comfortably fits two adults. It enables one to find the perfect harmony between solitude and community.

You can select a hardwood queen-size option which can add a classy look to your bedroom. By including attractive linen, you can effortlessly and beautifully set up a space that will stay elegant. Get an attractive bed cover to complete the overall look of the bed.

Single bed

Single beds are timeless, practical, and incredibly adaptable. They allow for easy adjustment, making them perfect for growing kids. For instance, they might be placed side by side or apart along the walls in a shared bedroom. They are popular because they are adaptable in hostels, hotels, and other settings.

Whether you choose to put a single bed in the main or the spare bedroom, you will have plenty of space to keep other furniture. In winter, you can add one of these beds to your living room, making it the perfect spot for reading and sunbathing.

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Box bed

Box beds are the most popular way to maximise space and functionality. They are a sophisticated choice for people with a variety of tastes and for those who need extra storage space. 

Additionally, its angular frame offers any room a modern feel. You may also put your concerns regarding a tight budget to rest when your heart and thoughts are set on getting a box bed.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are preferred by people who share a room as they take up less space. You can add them to your children's bedroom as they provide children lots of room to partake in all interests that satisfy their curiosity, such as games, study, art and craft, and other activities. Even assembling and decorating a bunk bed is enjoyable.

The urban lifestyle has offered these wonderful bedroom beds many new applications. They are the most common choices in dormitories and hostels and are growing in popularity among adults.

Decorative And Comfortable Bed Linen

There is plenty of decorative bed linen available in various prints and fabrics. But bamboo has emerged as a new substitute and earned a name for itself in the textile sector because of its advantageous qualities. Bamboo bed linens are breathable, soft, and durable. You can surprise your loved ones on Diwali with bamboo bed linen or purchase them for your own bedroom. High durability, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and moisture-absorbing qualities are a few of the qualities of bamboo bed linen. You can find some bed linens with traditional motifs that will make your bed look eclectic. 

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Get a Contemporary Makeover

The proper quantity of aesthetic elements, such as wall art, candlestands, sculptures, lamps, and clean, attractive bedding, can improve your bedroom decor. Modern spaces exude style and demand that the bedroom appear spacious, free of a mishmash of objects. Choose chenille or voile for your curtains, and remind yourself to keep them as natural-looking with the material as you can. Get vases and show pieces that add character to your bedroom and exhibit your personality to guests.

Indian Traditional Decor

An Indian room is one that reflects the folk and culture of the country, from charpais to hand block prints in ajrakh. Choose a classy bed sheet print inspired by the Kashmiri Mughal gardens or the designs of Jaipur walls. The goal is to preserve the visual gifts that homegrown artists have created, whether they are handicrafts or charming items from the countryside.


The best investment anyone could make is a bed for comfort and rest. The best bed to buy guarantees a restful night's sleep and good health. All you need is a keen eye and a clear plan as to what you want for this Diwali, and then find the bed of your dreams because they have so many options. However, it is also important to decorate the bedroom to sustain a positive aura. From wall art to vases and photo frames to lanterns, you need to carefully select decor items to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Check out the options offered on the At-home website and buy the perfect bed and decor items for yourself.

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