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How to Choose Art For Each Room of Your Home

How to Choose Art For Each Room of Your Home

Reading a beautifully written sentence yet confused as to what does it mean? It happens when the sentence hasn’t been punctuated properly. The same thing is with the interiors of a room. An admirable interior will always be incomplete or wouldn’t make sense if the wall decor isn’t on point. Wall art design is crucial to any home decor. Choosing the correct art according to the theme, and vibe of every room is equally important.


Hanging wall decor will reflect the personality of the homeowner and thus choosing the best fit is the decisive make or break in your decor.

Things to keep in mind before you select wall art design for your wall decor-

  • The Focal Point- A focal point of a decor is something that grabs attention first when one enters a room. It is the paramount rule of interior decoration. You should decide if you want your wall art design to be the focal point or not. Artwork can be showstopper or can be a catalyst that uplifts the vibe of a room. You have to select your preferred choice.
  • Every room has their individual style. No two rooms are similar. It is imperative to understand the style and design of each room before deciding on the hanging wall decor.
  • Don’t select the first piece that you notice. Take time to peruse the artworks, look at various options. There are many genres like devotional, abstract, nature amongst others.
  • Understand the size of the wall, the scope of the room- Would a landscape look better or a portrait? Would multiple small art works look good or one large sized one.


How to choose the perfect art for your hanging wall decor?

The thumb rule for selecting artwork for any given room is-

  • Put up something you love. Selecting an artwork that you love seeing on your wall everyday is important. Art should uplift your spirits, if it doesn’t then it is not the one. As simple as that.
  • Size matters- Once you have understood the shape and scope of the wall, you need to understand what size works best for your wall decor. Where do you want to hang the painting, on an empty wall or on a desk top? Will it be surrounded by other artifacts or will it be the only wall art design?

    There are 5 sizes of artworks-
    • Oversized- The ones that have more than 1 meter length. They are perfect for single walls, to be hung over mantle places, fireplaces or even an empty wall over beds, dining tables amongst others.
    • Large- The artwork that has a size of 80-100 cm. They look good on smaller walls or on places where there is a lot of furniture on the floor.
    • Medium- The medium has a size of 60-80 cm. They are perfect for portraits, landscapes, religious paintings amongst others. This is an extremely versatile size and used creatively look great.
    • Small- These are generally used in groups and clusters. These are generally 40-60 cm in size.
    • Mini- These are generally 25-40 cm in size. They are used on shelves, in buntingsa amongst others.
  • As a general placement rule, the painting should not stretch for more than 2/3rds of the sofa length. Paintings should be placed minimum of 15-20 cm above the furniture and below the ceiling.


How to choose the perfect wall art design for bedrooms?

Bedroom is the most important room in a house. It is the sanctuary of the owner and it is where the owner feels most comfortable and rested. The wall decor should be such that makes the owner feel happy, peaceful and connect with it emotionally.

It is important to choose designs that are not very bold if the other decor elements are bold. Bold should be in contrast to minimal style or only if the personality of the room owner is such. The safest size is a large size to hang over the bed, though some prefer making a statement with medium sized paintings as well.

Lifestyle experts suggest softer and warmer colours, abstracts, landscape or nature as popular choices. It is because they are meant to be relaxing.  Also remember it is important to match the colour of the hanging wall decor with the colour of the walls.

Our popular choice is this.


How to choose the best wall art design for the living room?

This is a space to experiment, extra large pieces, cluster of small pieces, strategic placement of medium and small pieces work best here. The trick is to understand the wall and the surrounding wall decor.


The best place to put up the large artwork is above the sofa or couch, if not, then they can be put over the table in the living room. For walls on the sides or where a lot is happening, medium paintings work well, or a cluster of small paintings.

The best is to make a statement here. Unlike the room, the walls in a living room call for the wall art design to be loud, bold and express the personality of the owner.


Other spaces where art can be placed-

Kitchen- The walls are always exposed to grease and vapors and steam. Mini and small frames can be hung on non primary walls, on shelves, on electric appliances to give the kitchen a cosy and important feel. The walls of the kitchen need not be neglected. Choose a wall art design that looks something like this.


Dining room- Just like the living room, the dining room wall decor too has room for creativity in placements and styles. It is always beneficial to match the artwork chosen to the style of the dining room. The size here completely depends upon the space, though most commonly paintings in 3-5 pieces like this here, work best.

While there are other spaces like the bathroom, the home office, those spaces are private to the owner and any painting that best matches the mood and the area look great. Look for some of the most exclusive wall art designs for the eccentric wall decor here at at-home website.

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