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Recliner Sofa Vs. Regular Sofa: Know the Difference to Make the Right Decision

Recliner Sofa Vs. Regular Sofa: Know the Difference to Make the Right Decision

The  sofa  is an essential piece of furniture in a house. The surrounding of your living room is based on the comfort and style of the  sofa . It is an apt piece of furniture that signifies your personality. This luxurious piece of furniture can amp up the relaxation and make you feel peaceful when you are tired. If you want both luxury and to accentuate the ambience of your living room, you should be aware of  recliner sofa vs regular sofa . Both  recliner sofa  and  regular sofa  have their advantages and disadvantages. When you know the main differences between these two types of  sofa , you will be able to make a better decision when choosing between any of these two  sofa set.

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Differences Between Recliner Sofa and Regular Sofa

If you are confused when choosing between a  recliner sofa vs regular sofa, you should know the basic differences between these two types of  sofa

  • Tilt option

  • A  recliner  allows you to tilt the seat forward and back, which helps keep the hips the same way. This option allows for the distribution of the body weight equally without putting much pressure on the hips and legs. This feature is beneficial for your neck, back and shoulder. But a  regular sofa  does not have a tilt option which may cause pain in your back if you have to sit for a long period.

  • Design and Pattern

  • The recliner is available with a limited design compared to a regular sofa. However, the recliner has sufficient options to appease your desire to choose from a wide range of upholstery options. There are several other patterns and colours.

  • Separate Motor

  • A recliner has dual motor options that allow each side to recline without impacting the other. Users can choose accordingly when they want to recline. They can decide and adjust if they wish to put their feet up or not. Each user can adjust it without disturbing the other.

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  • Space

  • Although a recliner seems to occupy a large space due to its additional support features, it does not require more space than a regular sofa. However, you may have to keep the chair slightly distant from the wall. A wall hugger design is also available if you face a space issue. Since it is accompanied by foot support, you need not place a separate footrest.

  • Maintenance

  • The regular maintenance of motor and mechanical parts makes the recliner sofa more durable. Reasonable care of cushions and upholstery will also increase longevity. The more carefully you maintain it, the more durable it will become.

  • Budget

  • Budget is an essential factor to consider before buying a  sofa set . A wide range of regular sofas is available at low and high prices according to their quality. Since the  sofa set price  is determined based on quality and comfort recliner is availabe at a comparatively higher rate. The higher price of a recliner is due to its additional useful features for providing extra comfort and support.

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    Why Should You Choose Recliner Sofa?

    The recliner is the best piece of  furniture  to improve the quality of your life. Since it provides extra support and comfort, you can feel relaxed sitting for a long time. There are also some additional health benefits of using a recliner. It would help if you bought a recliner sofa due to the following reasons:

  • Provides extra comfort

  • The recliner sofa is designed to provide extra comfort and support to your body. It helps the user to get in and out quickly as it tilts forward due to the rise feature. It provides full support to the head, legs, lower back and feet. 

  • Useful for patients with limited mobility

  • Since the recliner helps to change position easily, a patient who has undergone surgery or suffered from any injury can use it. The user can also adjust the recliner as per their need. This luxurious piece of furniture is one of the best options for those who often suffer back pain.

  • Health benefits

  • There are ample health benefits to using a recliner. It helps to circulate your blood properly as you can sit here by raising your legs which helps lower the blood pressure. Having your head raised can prevent digestion problems when you take a nap.

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    Features of Regular Sofa

    Although a regular or conventional sofa has existed for a longer period, it does not come with all the additional features of a recliner. However, regular sofas are also available in different styles and designs, allowing you to choose as per your need and convenience. Some essential features of a regular sofa have been mentioned below:

  • Easy to move

  • A regular or traditional sofa is easy to move, and you can adjust it in your living room as per your need. Due to the absence of a motor and other adjustable features, the traditional sofa is lighter than the recliner. Due to the less weight, you can move the traditional sofa easily. 

  • Different placement options

  • The regular sofa is available with a variety of placement options. You can place them in any living room corner as it does not accompany the reclining option. Therefore, you need not have to leave enough space between the wall and the chair. You can place even a regular  3 seater sofa  per your own need.


    Whether you buy a recliner or a regular sofa, you should carefully consider every factor of both types of sofa. You should invest more time in doing proper research and examining the differences between these sofa sets. You should go for the recliner if you prefer a quality life and have a sufficient budget to afford any sofa set. Nothing can give you comfort and support like a recliner sofa. Also check out  ottaman ,  folding furniture , etc.

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