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Shop for Unique Vases Best Suited for Your Space Online on Athome

Shop for Unique Vases Best Suited for Your Space Online on Athome
This article explores the diverse world of  vases online  and their transformative impact on home decor. From classic  glass vases  offering timeless elegance to the earthy charm of ceramic and the sleek modernity of metal, each material brings its unique aesthetic. Shapes play a pivotal role, with round vases creating balance, oval ones introducing fluidity, and long, slender vases adding grace. The discussion extends to quirky, unusual shapes that infuse personality into spaces. Emphasising simplicity and versatility, the article guides you on selecting vases that align with your style.


Vases are decorative elements that have a remarkable ability to elevate the look of your living space instantly. Beyond their practical function, vases add a dash of glamour to any room. Whether placed on a coffee table, mantelpiece, or shelf, these decorative vessels contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home. The diverse shapes, materials, and colours available in  vases online  make them versatile accessories to your home that allow you to express your style. In this article, we delve deep into different designs of vases you need to know before  you buy vases online.

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Type of Vases Based on Material

When looking for  vases online,  you’re most likely to encounter vases made out of the following materials:

1. Glass Vases

Glass vases  are transparent, timeless, and versatile that can blend into any home decor, adding a touch of sophistication. Their clear surface allows for versatile styling, making them ideal for showcasing vibrant flowers or minimalist arrangements. Placed on a dining table, a  glass vase  filled with freshly picked wildflowers becomes a charming centrepiece, infusing nature into your space. Alternatively, a single-stemmed flower in a  slender glass vase  on a windowsill can bring a subtle elegance to your kitchen. The simplicity of  glass vases  complements various interior styles, from modern to classic, making them a go-to choice for easy, stylish home decoration.

2. Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases  have an earthy charm, which can significantly enhance home decor. These versatile pieces come in a wide range of shapes and finishes, from glossy to matte, allowing for diverse styling options. Textured  ceramic vases  on a side table can add warmth to a living room, housing a collection of dried branches for a rustic appeal. In the kitchen, a set of square vases can transform a mundane shelf into a curated display for herbs and small potted plants. Beyond flowers, these vases also make excellent standalone decorative elements.

3. Wood Vases

Wood vases  have a natural beauty that introduces warmth and texture to home decor. Crafted in various shapes and wood types,  wood vases  seamlessly integrate into diverse design aesthetics. A tall, sleek  wood vase  can offer a minimalistic look, while a shorter, more  intricately carved piece  adds an artisanal touch to a bookshelf. Placed on a console table, a wooden vase filled with dried flowers or branches can bring an organic element to the entryway. The versatility of  wood vases  lies in their ability to harmonise with both modern and rustic interiors.

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4. Metal Vases

Metal vases have a sleek allure that can redefine home decor with a touch of contemporary elegance. Crafted from various metals like brass, copper, or stainless steel, you can find a plethora of  flower vase online  that exude sophistication. A tall, slender  metal vase  on a dining table can create a modern centrepiece, while a cluster of smaller metal vases on a mantelpiece can add a dynamic touch. Their reflective surfaces  amplify natural light,  making them ideal for brightening up corners. In the bedroom, a metallic  vase with a minimalist design  can bring a chic aesthetic to a bedside table.

5. Polyresin Vases

Polyresin  vases online  are known for their versatility and offer a lightweight and durable option for home decor. What makes these  flower vases online  special is that they come in a variety of shapes and finishes, from glossy to matte, allowing for easy integration into different design themes. Being made of polyresin, they can be turned into  complicated shape vases  that are not possible with metal, wood or  glass vases.  A  polyresin vase  adorned with intricate detailing can serve as a captivating centrepiece on a coffee table, while a set of smaller vases in vibrant colours can bring a whole shelf to life.

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Choosing the Shape of Your Vase

The shape of a vase significantly influences its visual impact. Whether sleek and modern or intricate and classic  glass vases,  the form dictates how flowers or decorative elements are displayed. When looking for  vases online,  here are the shapes you need to look for:

1. Round Vases

Round vases  are a timeless design and find versatile placement in various home settings. Placed on a dining table, a  round vase  filled with a lush bouquet can become a charming centrepiece that fosters a welcoming atmosphere. In a living room, a collection of small round vases on a shelf or mantelpiece adds a balanced and cohesive look. Additionally, round vases work well in hallways or entryways, welcoming guests with grace and elegance.

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2. Oval Vases

Oval vases,  with their distinctive shape, introduce a sense of fluidity to home decor. When placed on a coffee table, an oval vase becomes a focal point, especially when displaying a bouquet or artistic branches. Their elongated form is particularly suitable for creating dynamic arrangements, making them versatile additions to dining tables or sideboards. In bedrooms, a pair of  smaller oval vases  on bedside tables can impart a touch of sophistication.

3. Long and Slender Vases

Long and slender vases  bring an element of grace to home decor. Perfect for narrow spaces like mantels or console tables, their sleek design makes them ideal for displaying tall flowers or long foliage. Placed on a dining table, a row of slender vases can create a sophisticated and elongated centrepiece. In modern living rooms, a  single tall vase  can draw attention upwards, adding vertical interest.

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4. Conical Vases

Conical vases,  with their tapering silhouette, offer a unique and eye-catching element to home decor. Their shape directs attention towards them, making them ideal for creating striking floral arrangements that draw the eye. These vases are particularly effective in contemporary or eclectic settings as they add a touch of modern sophistication.  

5. Quirky Vases

Quirky and unusually shaped vases inject personality into home decor, sparking visual interest and conversation. These distinctive pieces are often chosen for their artistic appeal and can also thrive as standalone statements in eclectic interiors. In modern spaces, these vases serve as artistic sculptures, merging form and function. Their charm extends beyond flowers, turning them into standalone decorative elements.

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When it comes to vases for home decor, choosing the right  vases online  is more than a functional decision; it's an artistic expression. From the timeless elegance of  glass vases  to the organic warmth of  wood vases,  each material and shape contributes to a unique aesthetic. By understanding the versatility of vases and how to match them to the interior, you can transform any space to turn it into a canvas where your personality speaks. If you’re looking to  buy vases online,  check out Athome’s collection of exquisite vases  here!

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