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7 Horse Painting, Placement, and Its Magical Benefits as per Vastu

7 Horse Painting, Placement, and Its Magical Benefits as per Vastu
Wall paintings  are great finishing elements to the wall decor that amps the living room or bedroom.  Canvas paintings  with horses are auspicious in Vastu Shashtra. Hanging  7 horse painting  can bring good vibes and luck to your house. Learn about the significance, benefits and placement of  7 horse paintings  as per Vastu in this blog.


Who wouldn't want to attract positive vibes into their homes through  wall painting and enjoy a successful life?  7 horse painting  is one of the many harbingers of good luck and positivity that depict positive influence in one's life.  7 horse painting  on canvas symbolises stability, power, strength, courage, and loyalty. If you want to strike the right Vastu chord and enjoy the benefits, explore this blog as we unveil the advantages, significance and  7 running horses painting vastu direction..

Significance and Benefits of 7 Horse Painting

Hinduism depicts seven horses as a means of Surya Dev, the God of the sun. When seven horses pull the chariot, it is as though lord surya rides them and brings auspiciousness. According to Vastu, number seven is highly pure and pious, and horses signify power and success. Having a  7 horse painting  in your house or office can be a major success factor in your personal and professional growth. Whether you want to enhance your business growth, make career advancements, or seek financial stability, placing seven galloping horses as per Vastu's direction can be a boon. To balance out the energies in your house and create a conducive environment for prosperity, hang a seven-horse painting in your living room.

Horse Symbolism in Vastu Shastra

As per Vastu-shastra, a horse is auspicious, powerful, resilient, and courageous. Running horses symbolise speed and a fast-paced life full of milestones like career, marriage, children, fitness, education, or personal development. Thus, figurines and  paintings  of horses can invite positivity to life.  

Horse Symbolism in Feng Shui

In ancient China, horses were similar to dragons with strong yang energy. According to fen shui, yang equals fastness, brightness and activeness, while yin energy symbolises slowness, darkness and passiveness. Horses denote good luck because they represent the fire element contributing to fame, recognition, inspiration, and passion.

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Why You Should Hang the 7 Horse Paintings According to Vastu-Shastra?

According to Vastu, keeping  running horse painting  in the appropriate direction can ensure financial stability. While 7 horses represent speed, valour, growth and perseverance, unlocking their full benefits depends on their placement at the house or office. For instance, placing seven horses at a galloping speed in your bedroom can often disrupt peaceful sleep and bring negative energy. To experience positive outcomes, always hang the seven-horse  canvas painting  in the right direction and amplify your efforts.

Best Directions for Placing 7 Running Horse Wall Paintings

If you wonder which direction can unveil all the benefits of 7 running horses, the answer is south.  7 running horses painting vastu direction  in the south can bring fame and success, according to Vastu Shastra. If the wall is absent in the south direction, place it in the east to attract career growth or in the north to gain prosperity. But always ensure they face inside and not towards the door to eliminate any negative effect in your life. Also, look for chains, ropes or leashes on the horses as they would bring negative energy.

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7 Running Horse Placement According to the Background Colours

With the Sun in the Background

The sun is the main source of energy and brings brightness. Seven horses with the sun will bring vitality and are auspicious when placed in the east or northeast direction to attract health. 

With the Moon in the Background

A  running horse painting  with the moon in the background is ideal for the northwest wall to invite abundance and good luck irrespective of office or house. The moon symbolises creativity and helps enhance communication/creativity while hanging in the northwest direction.  

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Running Horse Painting With Red Background

Power, possession and success come easy with running horses in red background. If you find  canvas paintings  with red backgrounds, hang them on the south or southeast wall of your living room to enhance progress in all endeavours. 

With Blue Background

You can witness peace and serenity while purchasing a  7 horse painting  with a blue background. If you want to break free from mental turbulence or professional nightmares, hanging these  paintings  in the east or north direction will yield good results.

7 Horse Painting Near the Sea

Galloping horses near the sea can bring positivity and financial stability when placed in the south/southeast direction.

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Handy Tips To Place The Seven Horse Paintings

Before hanging your favourite  7 horse painting,  consider the following factors:

  • Refrain from choosing  paintings  that show aggressive expressions. Instead, opt for the ones with peaceful nature. 
  • Give priority to white-coloured horse and  wall paintings  to inspire peace, growth, prosperity and success in all walks of life.
  • As previously stated,  7 running horses painting vastu direction  should be Vastu-compliant to negate unwanted disturbances. 
  • Always choose  wall paintings  with positive weather conditions, and do not invest in  canvas paintings  representing sunsets, dust, storms, or turmoil because they can attract negative energy. 

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  • Remember that  7 horse painting  is not suitable for hanging in the bedroom, study room, pooja room, or on the main door. Refrain from hanging such  wall painting on or near bathrooms. 
  • Look for horses running on land that reflects symmetry without obstacles. 
  • To attract good fortune, go for seven horses or odd-numbered horse  paintings  instead of single-running horses.
  • Do not buy incomplete horse images but a full and radiant one. 
  • If your painting should fit your decor, you should choose ones proportional to the size of your living room. 
  • Select wood or canvas as the painting medium instead of paper to make them Vastu-friendly. 
  • For people looking to boost their self-esteem, purchase them with a red background. For people looking for harmony and peace, blue is also an ideal colour.

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7 Horse  wall paintings  can bring good vibes, positivity and prosperity when you place them in the living room in the right direction concerning their corresponding backgrounds. Buy  canvas paintings  with odd-numbered galloping horses to attract wealth, prosperity, good luck, and peace under one roof. Athome has exquisite wall art and  wall painting  collections at an affordable price range that portrays  7 horse painting  significance and helps you progress with success. To experience abundance and harmony in education, health, personal development, career, marriage and children, buy these attractive  7 horse painting from  Athome.

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