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Stunning Painting Collections That You Need to Buy to Spice Up Your Abode

Stunning Painting Collections That You Need to Buy to Spice Up Your Abode

Wall paintings are a perfect way to add a fair dose of vibrant look to your living space. Adding  paintings  to your home enhances its character while offering a refreshing look to your rooms. Various types of paintings, like modern and  abstract painting,  have a distinct trait of their own to transform a simple room into an inviting haven. Pick some of the finest pieces to create a fantastic  paintings collection  to spruce up your interiors. You can  buy paintings online  in varied types and sizes to fit into any spacious or compact space in your room. 

Choose a magnificent work of art or a massive display of partition wall painting to meet your décor needs and to create a warm and welcoming home. Read on to learn more about the different types of  paintings  to pick each piece of work carefully. This guide will aid you in curating the perfect  paintings collection  to showcase your preferences and tastes in style. Learning about the various painting types will help you make a well–informed decision when you  buy paintings online


Top Paintings Collection to Transform Your Home

Abstract Painting to Express Your Love for Freedom


Abstract painting  is a significant art form which has earned quite a reputation for showcasing distinct compositions. These  paintings  are an exemplary representation of the artist’s independence and vivid imagination. This type of painting epitomises simplicity and individuality, making it an exceptional addition to your  paintings collection.  

If you feel your living room lacks a touch of a contemporary element, then bring home the  Abstract Viva Painting  or the  Abstract Hills Painting.  You can also choose large-sized ones like the  Abstract Tree Painting  or the  Embossed Abstract Geometric Painting  when you  buy paintings online  to beautify blank walls. You can enhance the beauty of the  abstract painting  with beautiful lighting options to create a modern luxe vibe. 

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Devotional Painting to Embrace Culture

Popularly known as spiritual art,  devotional painting  is a great choice to portray your love for the supreme power above you. These  paintings collection  are stunning specimens of exquisite artistry and give viewers the feeling that your home is blessed with prosperity and health. 

Adding a spiritual  Meditating Ganesha Painting  or  Five Panel Om Ganesha painting  is a perfect choice to lend authentic vibes to your home. You can also choose a  devotional painting  like  Radha Krishna Five Panel Painting  for your huge walled living room or go with the vinyl  Radha Krishna Painting  in vibrant colours for your home. Spread positivity and improve the aesthetics of your living room with the  Sleeping Buddha Partition Painting  or the  Buddha Mukh Round Painting,  designed with 5 panels. 

Acrylic Painting to Show Off Your Vibrant Attitude

Your  paintings collection  will only be complete if it includes  paintings  made using acrylic glass. This art form speaks volumes of elegance, and beauty, making it a compelling addition to every room. Choose  Acrylic Glass Paintings  offered as a set of two to be placed together or in a step style to create a peaceful and edgy vibe in every room. 

These timeless art pieces are designed with sturdy back support and are a lasting addition to your home. Show your love for detail by selecting  Acrylic Glass Painting  with gold leaf veins to complement the green backdrop. Complement the stunning interiors of your studio apartment by selecting the  Black and Gold Acrylic Painting  to lend a touch of sophistication. 

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Animal and Bird Painting

Are you a nature-loving person? Let that trait get reflected when tastefully decorating your rooms with unique  paintings collection.  Paintings  that feature beautiful birds and majestic animals are a welcoming addition to rooms with trendy or traditional interiors, as they can blend well effortlessly. Let the blank wall spaces of your room come alive with these unique art pieces. Go for paintings that feature nature-inspired representations, such as birds or animals, to make a surreal addition to your lovely home. 

Choose a  peacock painting  to portray your love for the majestic bird in its vibrant plumes to add colour to your pastel-coloured walls. You can find  Peacock on Branch Painting  when you buy  peacock paintings  online featuring the beautiful bird in a sea green backdrop perched high on a tree. Feel closer to nature by choosing  Birds on Branch,  a set of two painted with soothing colours for aesthetically enhancing your room decor. You can also find  Butterfly Painting  to showcase your carefree attitude, an  elephant with baby painting  that reflects your family bonding, and a  Jumping Horse Painting  with a magical golden hue.  

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Seven Horses Painting

If you are an ardent believer of Vastu Shastra, then consider adding the seven  horses paintings  to your  paintings collection. Horses paintings  featuring galloping horses is believed to drive positive energy and luck into your home. The horses in the paintings symbolise peace, prosperity, success, progress, strength and much more. Choose  Running Horses Painting  with a beautiful white background to uplift the sober mood of your plain walls. The  Seven Horses Viva Painting  is a modern artwork showcasing the blend of printed and handmade works of art.  Horses paintings  exude grandeur in different shades of brown to captivate its onlooker instantly.  

Hexagonal Painting

These  paintings  featuring a unique hexagonal shape with a pop of vibrant colours are a sight to behold, as they are playful and intriguing simultaneously. Choose Ornate Hexagonal Painting or Mirage Hexagonal Painting, three sets to decorate large walls. 

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Summing Up

Paintings  are a great addition to any home décor, as they can offer a refreshing look to your boring blank walls while complementing your swanky interiors. The elegant  paintings collection  discussed above is some of the stunning works of art in vogue this year. Make sure you buy these paintings online by visiting the website of  Athome.  Whether it is home décor, lighting options, decorative items like  paintings,  and furnishings, you can find a wide selection in varied budgets.


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