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Mind-blowing Advantages of Using Functional and Gorgeous Melamine Crockery

Mind-blowing Advantages of Using Functional and Gorgeous Melamine Crockery


Until a few years ago, melamine tableware was meant only for poolside or outdoor parties. People usually choose other options, like ceramic or china, for home. The scenario has changed with the huge upgradation of this range of  crockery.  In today's world, the stunning designs and patterns of melamine tableware manufactured with premium quality standards are at par with the rest of the alternatives. Feel privileged to explore a wide range of collections at @home. 

What is Melamine?

Melamine dinnerware is a thermoset plastic resin crafted from organic compounds. The attractive appearance and physical properties have made it a much-admired material. Melamine is a nitrogen-rich organic-based compound, and its durability and heat resistance make it ideal for making strong plastic tableware, laminates, and adhesives. Manufacturers blend reinforcements into melamine resin to create melamine's unique durability. You can buy melamine  dinner sets  in almost any colour, design or shape.

The Different Types of Melamine Crocks

Set your table in style and feel good about serving the food in dainty melamine dishes. Let your family and friends pick their portions of food on their attractive melamine plates from these serving dishes. Let them savour the delicious steamy soup from the fashionable bowls. The plates and bowls are available in different sizes to suit different purposes. 

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Advantages of Melamine

Melamine has a bunch of advantages over other  dinnerware.  Let us quickly give you an overview. 

Highly Durable

If durability is your concern, then melamine is the best bet. There is no worry about rough handling when you are using these crockeries. Whether it's for your kids at home or seniors, choose this versatile tableware in stunning designs, and save yourself the bother of being extra careful about handling. Say goodbye to chips and breakages with crockeries made of this super durable material. Satisfy operational safety as this material doesn't shatter like china or  glassware.  

Food-safe Plastic

If you are concerned about using melamine, then this one's for you. Serve food without a thought about the melamine dinnerware as these are built with 100% food-safe plastic. These are completely safe to serve food at home or at a poolside party. Use this convenient  tableware  while you are lounging and snacking in the garden. 

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Easy to Clean / Dishwasher Safe

Find convenience in using melamine sets that are super easy to clean. You don't have to worry about washing your  plates  with a dishwasher; these are easy to rinse and dry. Plates can pass through the shelves of the dishwasher without mechanical wear. Compared to other tableware, dirt on plates, bowls, spoons, etc., is easier to remove. If you do not prefer doing the dishes with your hands, then simply using a dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge will leave the dinnerware sparkling clean.  


Melamine is your best friend if you are looking for dinnerware options that are easy on the pocket. Firstly it is less expensive than glassware, ceramic, or china. Secondly, the requirement for replacement is much lesser compared to the breakable and more vulnerable options. 

Chic Patterns and Designs

Melamine sets are available in a range of attractive patterns and designs. Enjoy serving your food on plates of different colours. There are solids in subtle hues as well as attractive bright colours. You can even opt to have a wide collection and serve in style, contrasting the food's colour with the plate's tone. There are also beautiful designs and motifs to choose from. 

Some Tips to Use Melamine the Best Way

Follow these simple guidelines to extend the life of your melamine tableware.

  1. Avoid using serrated  knives  on melamine products.  
  2. Do not pop in melamine products in conventional ovens.
  3. Avoid using melamine products in the microwave.
  4. You should never use chlorine bleach on melamine products.  
  5. Avoid using any kind of harsh abrasive cleaners, metal scrubbers, or steel wool on melamine products. Use a soft scrubbing pad or sponge for safe scrubbing.
  6. If you need to soak your melamine product before putting it in the dishwasher, use good quality dish soap to soak it.

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The Extended Range of Melamine

Other than the wide range of plates and bowls, you can check out  trays  and bowls in striking patterns. Enjoy serving those crispy yummy snacks and tea on the attractive trays. Set the positive mood for a fresh new day by sipping tea by picking your mug from a tray with chirpy little birds. See your kid have fun watching their favourite cartoon and munching popcorn from their favourite trendy popcorn  bowls.  



We hope the above blog will help you choose the most convenient  crockery set  from the wide range available on the website of  @home . You can buy them for your own use. Feel good about enhancing your dinnerware collection with amazing designs in top-quality material. These products also make great gifts. Make people smile by presenting them with these chic and functional gifts at their housewarming party or anniversary. You can browse through the whole range on the website, place your order online, and enjoy hassle-free delivery to your doorstep, sitting within the comforts of your home.

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