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Popular and Trending Wardrobe Designs in 2023 That Will Suit Everyone

Popular and Trending Wardrobe Designs in 2023 That Will Suit Everyone

Popular and Trending Wardrobe Designs in 2023 That Will Suit Everyone

After bed, the  wardrobe  is the next focal point of the bedroom. And no one can debate its importance in the home. The right one will keep your bedroom clutter-free. But it is vital to select a wardrobe that is commensurate with the size of your room, plus have sufficient space for all your belongings. Along with space, it is also crucial that the  wardrobe  easily blends with the interior orchestra of the home. Instead of appearing out of place, it should add to the aesthetics. 


Finding the right  wardrobe  can be an overwhelming task. But don't worry! In upcoming parts, you will find some superb designs that will surely be visuality attractive and spacious. Explore the wide range of wardrobes here. Check out the  wardrobe online  catalogue and  buy wardrobe online  from the comfort of your home.

Different Sizes of Wardrobe

Before we dive into other  wardrobe   aesthetics, it is crucial to know the different sizes available in the market. Three popular sizes suit the majority of the homes. Let's learn about them a bit further. 


2 Door Wardrobe

As the name suggests, it has two doors.  2 door wardrobe  is a standard-size cupboard. It has sufficient space for a single person's belongings. It is suitable for the bedroom and for any part of the home. 


3 Door Wardrobe

A  3 door wardrobe  is the answer for people who need more storage capacity but lack space. It is slightly bigger than a standard  2 door wardrobe  but takes up less space when compared to other bigger options.


4 Door Wardrobe

A  4 door wardrobe  is king in size and thus suits large bedrooms or rooms. It is twice the size of a standard  wardrobe.  It has ample storage space and will be an excellent option for couples and people with a marvellous collection. 


Popular Wardrobe Styles To Add Charm to Your Bedroom

Now it is time to let's delve into the trending styles.

Avery 3 Door Wardrobe With Mirror (Wenge)

Avery 3-door wardrobe  is a beautiful and elegant piece. The 6-staking shelves, hanging space, and two drawers provide enough storage capacity. Constructed from premium quality engineered wood, that makes  wardrobe  durable and long-lasting. The two full-length mirrors add to the cupboard's functionality and aesthetics. Just get ready and enjoy your complete reflection before you head out. 

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Milford 2 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe Without Mirror (Urban Teak)

Are you hunting for a simple and functional  wardrobe  that takes minimum space? Meet  Milford 2 door wardrobe,  equipped with 2-shelves, one hanging area with road and a drawer with a lock to keep your valuables safe. The sleek design with a melamine finish provides a shiny and smooth surface, creating a protective layer. It is a remarkable piece that can easily fit in a small area. Urban teak colour gives it a contemporary appeal. The  2 door wardrobe  is all you need.


Joyce 3 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe Without Mirror (Classic Walnut)

Searching for a  3 door wardrobe  with a rustic vibe ends here; check out  Joyce 3 Door wardrobe.  The beautiful wood pattern and classic walnut colour make it elegant and eye catchy. It has 8- shelves and a hanging area that provides sufficient space for clothes and accessories. It is made from sturdy engineered wood that guarantees durability. The melamine finish adds to the aesthetic of the  wardrobe.  The locks on the door are an extra layer of security. You can  buy wardrobe online  to make your room organised and visually pleasing.  

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Joyce 4 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe Without Mirror (Classic Walnut)

A large room needs a large wardrobe, and  Joyce 4 door wardrobe  is the best option. The beautiful elongated wooden texture in a classic walnut shade gives it a vintage look. With this massive wardrobe, you will never have to worry about space. It has 13 shelves for storing all your belongings and a hanging area for your clothes like coats and shirts. This visual delight used high-quality engineered wood with a melamine finish that adds to its quality and looks. 


Indio 4 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe With Mirror (Teak & White)

Beauty blended with modern design; meet the versatile  Indio 4-door wardrobe.  Its unique inside layout makes it different from the rest of the collection. It has two hanging areas with rode for special outfits like jackets, dresses and coats to protect from crinkling. It has 8- shelves for staking up clothes,  bedsheets  and other kinds of stuff. The two lockers are for your valuables, so you don't have to worry about their safekeeping. It even provides two drawers at the bottom and two large mirrors. They are not only convenient but also add to the contemporary look. It is suitable for the modern homes. Bring Indio  4 door wardrobe  home and keep your bedroom organised and managed; you can  buy wardrobe online.

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Emirates 4 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe With Mirror (Wenge)

Emirates wardrobe  is luxury packed with storying capacity. This royal wardrobe is a valuable addition to your bedroom. The dark wenge shade makes it stand out from others. The 4-door wardrobe has a 2-full-size mirror and thus eliminates the need for a separate dressing unit. It has 8 -drawers and 3 -compartments that help organise and store your belongings. There are two hanging areas; one is extra large to make clothes arrangement convenient. The two shelves at the top of the cupboard are best for storing rarely used items. The wardrobe is crafted from premium quality engineered wood. That ensures that your  wardrobe  will be a long-term companion. 

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Buying a wardrobe is a very crucial decision. But it is vital to know the requirements. Decide on available space, the number of belongings you want to store etc. You can easily  buy wardrobe online  by visiting  Athome  and exploring the online catalogue. Here you can shop for other home furniture too. 

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