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Preserve the Freshness of Your Sofa With This Monsoon Cleaning Guide

Preserve the Freshness of Your Sofa With This Monsoon Cleaning Guide

A  sofa  is not only furniture; it is like a family member who has been through all the thick and thin and has embraced you in its cosiness to protect you like armour. Just like a kid who brings a smile to your face, it also brings happiness to your face with the precious treasure of memories. Such an essential piece of furniture that gets damaged or ruined due to the monsoon season feels like heartbreak. The monsoon season brings peace and a refreshed feeling, but the moisture and humidity during the season can ruin the beloved treasure of memories, and therefore, here is a guide to help you keep your  sofa  clean and damage-free.

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Sofa Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Sofa Furniture Clean

Here are some  sofa maintenance tips  to keep your  sofa furniture  clean as new.

Sofa Furniture Customised Cleaning

Not all  sofa furniture  models are created equal! Therefore, when you  buy sofa online,  you must modify your cleaning techniques based on the nature of your  sofa furniture,  whether covered in cotton fabric, velvet, or leather upholstery.

Leather Sofas

Avoid using water to wipe away dust while working with  leather sofas  at all times. Instead, dust using a cloth and hoover with a brush attachment to prevent scratches. Apply leather conditioner to maintain its gloss and natural colour. One option is an olive oil and vinegar mixture.

Fabric Sofas

Comparatively, washing a  fabric sofa  is much simpler. Start by vacuuming all of the cushions, and then before you clean the sofa cover, read the labels when you  buy sofa online  to see which cleaning agents are recommended for each one. Try one of the many DIY solutions available for cleaning spills and stains from your  sofa.  Clean the stain lightly with a microfiber cloth after using white vinegar. Baking soda can be used to eliminate odours from your sofa.

Velvet Sofas

If you have a velvet sofa, preserve its gloss using a metal brush specifically made for velvet. Then, clean your  sofa  with a hand-held steamer on a low setting. But remember to check the label to ensure the sofa is water-friendly before using steam.

Schedule the Cleaning Sessions

Well, it may sound exhausting, but scheduling regular cleaning sessions will help you keep your sofa well-maintained for a long time. I know you are feeling lazy but doing this much for your comfy buddy is ok. Right?

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Weekly Sessions

Remove the pressure marks and uneven colouring, and brush your  sofa  once a week. Additionally, velvet sofas are highly advised to be brushed. Additional weekly chores include dusting, filling the cushions, and changing the  sofa covers.

Monthly Sessions

To get rid of minute dust particles and prevent the textiles from stacking up, hoover your sofa once a month on a low setting. Use a gentle touch when vacuuming with the brush attachment.

Yearly Sessions

If feasible, have your sofa professionally cleaned once a year or every six months after you  buy sofa online?  If not, you can thoroughly clean your sofa at home and wash the textiles in accordance with the directions on the label.

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Maintaining the Armour’s Shape

Have you noticed that your sofa now accurately reveals your bottom prints every time you get up? People frequently have a preferred location where they usually wind up sitting, which causes this. This may lead to depression in those  cushions  and uneven wear in one location. Don't worry; all you need to prevent this is frequently re-plump your cushions. Every so often, remove the cushions and give them a good whack from all sides to refill the air and give them a new shape. Rotate your  pillows  to distribute their weight and stop them from fading from sunshine.

Spilt Your Favourite Drink?

Try to react as rapidly as you can to spills. To prevent the stain from penetrating the sofa deeply, use a cleaning solution and dab the area with a paper towel. Then, gently clean the surface with water and a little detergent without scraping.

Protect Your Armour With a Sofa Cover

The monsoon winds can sometimes bring showers in, which can cause the upholstery to get damaged. Cover your sofa with  sofa covers  to ensure that the breezy showers of rain do not damage the softness and plushness of your  sofa.

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Keep Windows and Gates Closed

Well, you love to keep the windows open during the season to embrace the beauty of nature, but open windows can cause your precious buddy to absorb the showers, thereby ruining the quality of your sofa. But if your heart is not permitting you to do this, shift the sofa away from the windows and gates.

Professional Cleaning

Occasionally, we may have to visit a salon to get a makeover from a professional, so why not give your plush baby a professional cleaning once in a while and give it a makeover? A professional cleaning will help clean even the hard-reaching spots and help to give your sofa and  sofa covers  a look and freshness as new.

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Your plush sofa is a bundle of memories. Each fabric strap, cotton, or other upholstery weaves within it a memory to cheer you up. Such a precious piece needs to be preserved just as we preserve memories in our hearts. The  sofa maintenance tips  and tricks will help you clean and  sofa covers  clean and tidy. But the ultimate thing to do to preserve the quality of your sofa is consistency and a sofa-centric approach to cleaning. Open the quest for comfort and cleanliness of your sofa using the keys mentioned above.

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