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Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Sheet

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Sheet


Bed linen and spreads are the toughest things to buy once you invest in a new bed. You want material that looks appealing, resonates with the colour scheme of your walls, and is also comfortable when you sleep on it. Various collections are available for you to style your bed, from bedspreads and pillowcases to duvet covers. A beautiful bed sheet could definitely amp the style quotient of your entire bedroom. It is the first thing that catches the eye of anyone who enters your room. The choice is infinite. If you consider buying bed sheets online, you can browse through the several styles and options at @home. Shop for the best brands at the best prices during the sale season by keeping in mind some tips to ace your purchase.

Buying bed sheets online is a tough job. There are some important factors one needs to bear in mind before shopping for bed sheets online. The most important aspects to consider are quality, dimensions, weave, fabric and thread count.  Bedsheets  are available in different categories: luxury, comfort, embroidered, printed, quilted and plain. It is important to make the best choice and invest in bed sheets that will make you feel awesome and prove to be a lifetime investment. Read on to learn more about what you need to consider when shopping for  bedsheets online:

Factors that you must not miss when shopping for bed clothes online

Just like anything you buy, you must consider some key aspects when shopping for bed clothes. Buying  bed sheets  involves a high cost, and you want to buy some that will last and also endure wear and tear. Below are some key features to look for:

  1. Quality and material of the bedsheet

The most important and prime feature, it is vital that you select high-quality material when buying bed clothes online. The type of fabric is what decides comfort. The blend and the mix define the texture of the fabric. Cotton, silk, viscose and more are some fabrics that bed sheets are made of. Bed sheets made of pure cotton are soft, breathable and easy to care for. They also require minimal care and need almost no ironing. Bed sheets made in Egyptian cotton are of superior quality and very fine and soft with high thread counts. Bed sheets of cotton silk have a beautiful drape and have temperature regulating features. They also come in a matte-sheen finish.  Linen  is also a popular fabric that bed sheets are made of and offer the dual benefit of keeping cool in summers and warm during winters. Cashmere cotton bed sheets are lighter than feathers and the most comfortable to sleep in.

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  1. Get the perfect fit

Make sure to check the size chart before you add it to the cart. Manufacturers vary, which is a determining factor when shopping for bed sheets. Make sure to measure your  mattress  and make sure that the dimensions of the bed sheets are slightly bigger. All manufacturers mention the size chart, and it is important to go through the specifications for a perfectly fitted bedsheet.

  1. Thread count gimmick

Thread counts have always been believed to account for softer and better fabric. The real fact, however, is that it is more of a purposeful marketing gimmick. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads every square inch. Some manufacturers claim a higher thread count by stuffing low-quality thread into the fabric. The quality of fabric must be considered instead of the thread count. However, the thread count must not be ignored and must consider cotton quality.

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  1. Print, design and colour in coordination with the interiors

Choose prints, designs and colours according to your bedroom décor. The colour of the sheets is important to express different moods, reflect light, and add spunk and flavour to the décor of your room. You can find different designs and colours that you can pick to choose different occasions and seasons. From knitted bed sheets to linen ones, you can choose a variety for your master  bedrooms.  Sheets with cartoon prints are a lovely choice for the kid's bedroom. Bed sheets can be a major décor piece to bring charm and elegance to your interiors.

  1. Familiarise with the return policy

When you buy things online, familiarising yourself with the return policy is important. You can never know the viability of a bedsheet unless you buy it and try it yourself. So if you are not satisfied with the product, it is important to know that you can return it and recover your cost. So check the return policy before you add the product to your cart. Manufacturers differ in their return policy, and you must keep receipts safely. 

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Any product that you buy online is subject to a certain element of risk. There is a risk of the product not matching the expectations and the specifications on the website. But with busy lifestyles and options on a platter, how would at any point one want to go to busy, crowded shopping malls to shop for stylistic things? It is definitely more advantageous to be able to surf through various choices online.  Bedsheets  are important for styling a home and also speak a great deal about your taste. Shopping for  bedsheets online  has become easy, with online portals offering many choices. Visit the  @home  website to get a flavour of the various choices available. You can choose from different colours, patterns, textures and designs that will match the interiors of your room. Any pick is assured to transform your bedroom into a paradise.

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