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Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Perfect Bed Linen

Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Perfect Bed Linen

You will surely need ultimate rest after coming home exhausted and stressed from work. Lying down on your bed while watching TV or chatting with your partner is a good way of relaxation. Do you have comfortable  bedsheets?  The quality of it must be top-class since you are not be staying in bed for a short period. On that bed sheet, we are spending one-third of our lifetime. Therefore, it has to be soft and comfortable.

But how can we select the perfect bed sheets? It would help if you considered a few things. Apart from comfort, you must also ensure it is beautiful and matches your interior well. This article enables you to choose the perfect bed covers for your bed which make you sleep well every night.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Bed Linens

The Feel of Your Bed Cover

Every night, you sleep on your bed sheets, so you should think about which  bed linen  will provide you with the best night's sleep. A  fabric's  and weave's characteristics determine how it feels. Choosing bed linen made of natural materials that meet the highest standards of weave and quality is essential. Make your bedding selection based on whether you want it to feel smooth and silky, cosy and warm, or cool and crisp. By doing this, you will be able to select the suitable linen fabric and weave for you.

Choosing the Right Material


The most popular fibre for  bedding  is cotton. The softest and smoothest bed linens are made from Egyptian cotton with ultra-fine fibres. The thread count should be at least 200.

Pima cotton is a good choice if you're working within a budget but want a hotel-style feel at home.

Upland cotton is usually the most affordable. But it has a shorter shelf life and is more prone to pilling. These are typically marked as 100 per cent cotton.

Organic cotton certified is a more environmentally friendly and excellent material for bed linens. These are free from chemicals and pesticides too.

Shop for some cotton bedlinens at @home online.


Linen has several benefits, such as its ability to breathe well, absorb moisture, and resist wrinkling. Using linen, you can cool down when you're hot and warm up when you're cold. The best linen is French linen.


Generally grown without pesticides, these are also environment-friendly materials, and it is so cool and soft and comes with anti-bacterial nature. You can see "bamboo viscose" or "bamboo rayon" in bed sheets. Check out bamboo bed sheets now.


Those with allergies or skin conditions like eczema will benefit from  silk bedding.  Along with a luxurious feel, it provides a better level of insulation than Egyptian cotton. The care of silk bedlinen is similar to that of silk clothing. So, it is not considered family-friendly bed linens.


It's no secret that lyocell is the next big thing in bedding. A great way to regulate your body temperature is to use eucalyptus fibre because it is naturally hypoallergenic. Your sheets will last longer because the weave is strong and durable.

Weaves of Your Bedlinen

A  bed linen  fabric's weave will also influence the feel, in addition to the material. Threads or yarns are used to weave textiles, and you can incorporate them together in different ways to alter how your sheets feel. Cotton bed linens of good quality are woven in sateen and percale weaves. Decorative and reversible  bed sheets  are usually made with this technique.

Selecting The Right Thread Count

Fabrics are categorised according to their thread count. However, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean the sheets will remain soft since producers can enhance the sheets with silicone softeners that disappear after the first wash. Cotton is the most comfortable material for sheets.

Pattern Selection

Bed sheets play a vital role in establishing the mood and look of your room. Geometrics, florals, ethnic, abstracts, and stripes are some of the most popular bedsheet patterns. For experimentation, you can choose designs focused on a theme or inspired by the world around you or artwork. Besides being elegant,  solid-coloured bedsheets  suit a variety of interior styles.

Selecting Accessories to Have a Trendy Look

The  investment in good bed sheets  is worth it, but picking up a basic set of bed sheets is sometimes enough since you can accessorise them with decorative pillows, throws, duvets, and comforters. Add some zing to your bedroom with trendy, reasonably priced pillow covers.

Caring For Your Bed Sheets

It is essential to take good care of your bed sheets, regardless of what kind you choose. It would be best to be careful when using fabric softeners since some softeners may weaken the sheet fabric. Cold or lukewarm water will extend the life of your sheets.

Select Sheets That Perfectly Fits Your Bed

It would be best if you bought sheets that are the right size and fit. If you don't, you might end up with something too small or too big. Twin sheets will fit a mattress measuring 38 x 75 inches. The dimensions are,

  • 53 by 75 inches mattress requires  full or double sheets
  • 38 by 80 inches require twin XL sheets
  • 78 by 80 inches require king sheets
  • 60 by 80 require queen sheets
  • 72 by 84 inches need a California king sheet. Shop for the correct size bedlinen from @home online today.

A Useful Tip:  Keep your linen set together in one of the  pillowcases,  and you will always be able to locate the matching pieces.


Select elegant and comfortable bed sheets based on the above information and tips. Get a new bed sheet if you think yours isn't the best yet. You will no longer settle for anything less after trying a bed sheet of high quality. Choosing beautiful designs is also important! The perfect bed linens combine comfort and appeal. Explore the various collections of bed linens at  @home  today!

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