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Kids Wardrobe Makeover Ideas: Splendid Ways to Create Fully Functional Spaces

Kids Wardrobe Makeover Ideas: Splendid Ways to Create Fully Functional Spaces

As a mom, you will agree that your kids' rooms are always messy, as they leave their toys, teddy bears, and books strewn across the floor, creating a lot of clutter. This explains why organising your  kids wardrobe  can be a nightmare for every parent, as it can be a daunting, stressful, and time-consuming activity. If you wish to ensure that your kids stay organised without creating a clutter-filled room, the first step would be to invest in a wardrobe and know  wardrobe organising  tips, which will help optimise storage and space. 

The  wardrobe with drawers  can be compartmentalised easily and provide enough storage space to accommodate your growing children's storage needs. You can also  buy wardrobe online  to cater to your kid's storage needs. These wardrobes are available in various styles like two-door closets,  three door wardrobe,  sliding door wardrobe,  and four-door  mirrored wardrobe  to give your kids maximum accessibility when trying to get big to small things. These spacious  kids wardrobe  can help your little ones find their stuff quickly and place it again neatly. If you plan to revamp your kid's wardrobe, find some splendid  small closet ideas  to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Top Small Closet Ideas for Kid's Room

Begin From the Scratch

Never begin organising your  kids wardrobe  when your little ones are at home. As soon as you plan to organise your kids'  wardrobe with drawers,  create a  wardrobe organising  schedule that will have your kids attending classes or school stay focused to achieve a complete closet cleanout. Pull every stuff out of the  wardrobe  and lay them out properly to help you see what categories they belong to. Designate the zones for every item and arrange them neatly based on the space in the  sliding door wardrobe.  Create a list of these categories to plan which products should go on the shelves, hanging space, and drawers.  

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Add Storage Bins and Labels

As soon as you have categorised your kid's stuff, proceed to compartmentalise. One critical  small closet ideas  is sorting every item under these categories to group them neatly. Include a lot of storage bins and drawers to hold these items under every group and place them on the shelves. If you want to take your  wardrobe organising  skills to the next level, try colour-coding the items based on their general category for quick identification. Creating labels for these storage bins in  kids wardrobe  will help your kids find any stuff on their own without seeking your help on a busy Monday morning. 

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Organise and Train

If you want your kids to dress up without any hassles or facing any morning meltdowns:

1. Make the clothes and other items in your  kids wardrobe  easily accessible.
2. Label the clothes for all days of the week and put them on  hangers  with a tag.
3. Include wardrobe organisers, drawers, baskets, partitions, and drawer inserts to keep their toys, socks, belts, and gloves well-organised.
4. Train your kids to pick the right set of clothes after reading the tags, put their toys back in the dedicated basket, and keep their stuff organised to prevent them from hoarding. 

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    Dealing with Shared Closets

    If your home has a shared  kids wardrobe  organising, it requires a lot of patience and time to declutter. If you have a girl and a boy, divide the  wardrobe with drawers  into a "her" and "his" side. Choose wardrobe organisers, bins, or baskets with colour-coded labels to help your children recognise which stuff is theirs. The hanging section of the kids' closet can be easily divided using a rod organiser to separate one kid's clothes from the other. 

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    Small Closet Ideas to Maximise Space

    You can follow several creative techniques and ideas to optimise the space in your  kids wardrobe.  You can follow the  small closet ideas  that are listed below:

    • Make The Most Out of Your Storage Space On the Door

    Your  kids wardrobe  will have enough storage space at the backside, which can help you stay organised. Store stuffed toys, hats, caps, or shoes in the door's storage area to prevent a messy look. 

    • Add Floating Shelves and Hooks

    You can install floating shelves to add extra space and get two shelves instead of one in your  sliding door wardrobe.  Hooks are also a practical choice to create extra hanging space in the  kids wardrobe

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    Light Up Your Kid's Wardrobe 

    If your little one fears the darkness, you can't expect them to keep their clothes or toys on the shelves without intervention. Dark  kids wardrobe  might terrify small children; they might stuff their belongings in it and close the door. So, add lighting options in your little one's closet to see the difference. A well-lit wardrobe will allow your kids to see the colour codes, labels and tags to quickly remove or place their things. A brightly lit closet will help you identify the free space available and use it effectively. 

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    Add A Bench for Kids

    Incorporating a seating option like a wooden bench near your  kids wardrobe  will help them stay seated when placing their folded clothes neatly on the shelf, putting their shoes on, or choosing their favourite tie. Benches are a classy addition to any wardrobe, as they incorporate the design element and complement the spaces in your room. These wooden benches have soft upholstery materials and provide a comfortable seating arrangement for your kids when accessing the middle and upper shelves of the  sliding door wardrobe. 

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    If you are trying to increase the storage space in your kid's room,  buy wardrobe online  from  Athome.  Whether it is a three door wardrobe, mirrored wardrobe, or four door wardrobe, you can find them all crafted using premium engineered wood for durable service.


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