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Why Your House Needs a Running Horse Painting Today

Why Your House Needs a Running Horse Painting Today
This article delves into the exclusive benefits of having a  running horse painting  in your bedroom and exploring various types and their benefits. These  wall painting designs  symbolise freedom, strength, and a connection with nature. In Vastu and Feng Shui, they hold specific significance, attracting prosperity and positive energies. Choosing the right painting depends on factors like room size, personal style, and desired mood. Whether it's a 7 running horses, galloping horse, or golden horse painting, each horse  room painting  holds unique symbolism with potential positive impacts on wealth, career, and overall well-being.


In the realm of  wall painting designs,  few subjects capture the essence of grace, power, and freedom as effectively as the majestic horse. Decorating your bedroom with a  running horse painting  is more than just an aesthetic choice, as it brings forth a myriad of psychological benefits that extend beyond mere visual appeal. Across all cultures, the horse has been symbolic of power and positivity, and the depiction of the running horse has held a special place in both Indian and Chinese traditions. In this article, we'll explore the types of horse paintings, their meanings, and which specific type suits various circumstances so you can buy the right type of  running horses wall art.

What Do Running Horse Paintings Symbolise?

A  running horse painting  symbolises freedom, strength, and an untamed spirit. Depicting the majestic creature in motion, the  room painting  embodies the pursuit of liberation from constraints, resilience in the face of challenges, and a powerful connection with nature. The image of a running horse serves as a visual representation of empowerment, encouraging individuals to embrace life's journey with vigour and grace. Additionally, it conveys a sense of vitality, energy, and the unrestricted beauty of the natural world, making it one of the  wall art painting ideas  that have both aesthetic allure and profound symbolism.

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Running Horses in Vaastu and Feng Shui

In Vaastu and Feng Shui, a  running horse painting  has a significant symbolic value and represents dynamic energy, progress, and positive life force. In Vaastu Shastra, the placement of running horse images is believed to attract prosperity and success. The north or northwest sectors are considered auspicious for such placements to enhance financial growth and career advancement.

In Feng Shui, the running horse is a potent symbol associated with the element of Fire and Yang energy. It signifies power, endurance, and rapid advancement. Placing a painting with running horses in the south or southeast sectors of space can stimulate the flow of positive energy, fostering success in endeavours and igniting motivation. It is crucial to avoid placing the horse image in the bedroom, as per Feng Shui principles, to prevent excessive active energy that may disrupt restful sleep.

Both Vaastu and Feng Shui emphasise the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance between elements and energies. The running horse, with its dynamic movement, serves as a conduit for auspicious forces. It aligns with the principles of these ancient practices to promote prosperity, success, and the overall well-being of individuals in their living and working environments.

Different Running Horse Paintings, Types, and Benefits

Now we take a look at what different  running horse paintings  mean:

7 Running Horses Painting

The 7  running horse painting  holds profound significance that is rooted in both Indian traditions and Chinese folklore. In Vastu Shastra, the depiction symbolises the Sun's energy and is believed to bring success, wealth, and harmony when placed in the north or northwest direction. In Chinese culture, the 7 horses symbolise victory, power, progression, stability, direction, courage and loyalty. The painting is considered an auspicious talisman for attracting positive forces and fostering a dynamic environment. It is believed to enhance financial growth, career advancement, and overall prosperity, making it one of the important  wall painting designs  in home or office decor.

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3 Running Horses Painting

The 3 running horses  painting for bedroom  is rich in symbolic significance as it embodies prosperity, success, and harmony. In Feng Shui, the trio represents the unity of family, career, and relationships, fostering a balanced and fulfilled life. Placing the painting in the south, southwest, or northeast sectors enhances these aspects and promotes overall well-being. The running horses signify swift progress and triumph, making it an auspicious addition for those seeking advancement in various aspects of life. This  wall painting design  serves as a powerful Feng Shui remedy and is believed to attract positive energies, financial prosperity, and a harmonious flow of Chi.

Galloping Horse Painting

A  galloping horse  painting holds cultural and symbolic significance, representing vigour, momentum, and success. Rooted in Feng Shui principles, it is a potent symbol of swift progress, making it an ideal choice for those seeking advancement in their career and endeavours. Placing this  painting for bedroom  in the south or southeast sectors enhances the flow of positive energy, promoting dynamic growth and triumph. The galloping horse's energy is also believed to overcome obstacles and bring about positive change, making it a powerful and auspicious addition to home or office décor.

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Golden Horse Painting

The golden horse painting in Feng Shui holds profound significance as a symbol of prosperity, success, and auspicious energy. Gold, associated with wealth and abundance, enhances the painting's positive impact on wealth. Placing a golden horse artwork in the southeast or south sectors attracts financial opportunities and good fortune. This  wall art painting idea  not only represents material gains but also embodies strength, vitality, and a victorious spirit. The golden horse painting is a revered Feng Shui remedy believed to usher in positive Chi, promoting financial stability, career advancement, and overall well-being in the living or working space where it is displayed.

White Running Horse Painting

A white  running horse painting  holds symbolic importance, representing purity, strength, and spiritual energy. In Feng Shui, white colour represents the metal element, symbolising clarity and precision. Placing this artwork in the west or northwest sectors enhances creativity, communication, and financial gains. The white horse, which is also a symbol of nobility and grace, promotes a serene atmosphere and invokes a sense of purity in the surroundings. As a Feng Shui remedy, the white  running horse painting  is believed to attract positive energies, balance, and success, making it a favoured choice for those seeking a harmonious and prosperous living or working environment.

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Dos and Don'ts of Running Horse Painting Placement

Here are some of the dos and don’t when it comes to  running horses wall art:


  • Directional Alignment: Place the painting in auspicious directions such as the south, southeast, or north according to Feng Shui principles, ensuring it aligns with the energy you seek—be it success, wealth, or vitality.
  • Visibility and Prominence: Ensure the painting is visible and occupies a prominent position in the room, allowing its positive energy to radiate effectively.
  • Room Selection: Choose living rooms, offices, or business spaces for the painting, as these areas benefit the most from the dynamic and positive energies associated with this symbol.
  • Balance with Decor: Harmonise the painting with the overall decor, maintaining a balanced colour palette and theme that complements the intended atmosphere.


  • Bedroom Placement: Avoid placing a painting in the bedroom, as it may introduce excessive active energy, hindering restful sleep.
  • Cluttered Spaces: Avoid placing the painting in cluttered or chaotic areas, as it may diminish the effectiveness of the positive energies associated with the symbol.
  • Negative Spaces: Refrain from placing the painting in areas with negative energies, such as near sharp corners or directly facing doors, to prevent the dispersion of positive influences.
  • Painting maintenance: Ensure the painting is well-maintained and not damaged, as neglect can diminish its positive impact over time. Regularly clean and dust the artwork to preserve its symbolic significance.

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In conclusion, incorporating a  running horse painting  into your living or working space is a deliberate and meaningful choice that extends beyond aesthetics. Whether guided by the principles of Feng Shui or Vastu, the symbolic significance of these artworks promotes prosperity, success, and a harmonious environment, enriching both the visual and energetic aspects of your surroundings. If you’re looking for more  wall art painting ideas  to decorate the walls, then check out the collection from Athome  here!

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